"Precious Thing" is episode 12 of the Berserk manga.

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Griffith and Charlotte have left the bustle of the party to share a moment alone outside. He offers her a seat on his cape on a fountain's edge, which she accepts.

Guts makes his way up the flight of stairs but is stopped by Casca, who refuses to let Guts embarrass Griffith by walking in on his and Charlotte's conversation while covered in sewage and blood. She pulls Guts' dagger from its sheath and uses it to cut a strip of cloth from her sleeve, with which she bandages Guts' arrow puncture.

Charlotte tells Griffith that the party was her father's idea, as a way of distracting themselves from the long war between Midland and Tudor. Griffith recalls the conversation he and Charlotte had together during the autumn hunt regarding the brutality of men and their need for war. He posits that they aren't satisfying an urge to cause harm, but instead preserving their own dreams. Griffith continues, saying that all men should have a dream they want to accomplish and that he can't abide people who are simply born and live without purpose, a notion that profoundly affects Guts.

Griffith apologizes to Charlotte for rambling, but she is just as absorbed in Griffith's words as Guts. She admits that upon first seeing Griffith, she thought he was high-born, and couldn't believe he was a commoner. She is amazed that Griffith displays all the magnificence of a noble but is as down-to-earth as a common peasant. She wonders aloud whether it's this aspect of him that seems to attract all his friends. Griffith sinks into another monologue.


Griffith reveals his philosophies on friendship.

He acknowledges the Falcons as excellent troops and comrades but doesn't accept them as friends, due to the fact that the Band of the Falcon was conceived to help Griffith achieve his dream, and every Falcon strives towards this singular goal. His equal, Griffith says, is the person that has their own dream they want to fulfill, and won't be held back by those friends who have conflicting dreams.

Guts is profoundly hurt by these words, realizing that his promise to help fulfill Griffith's dream will never earn him a spot as Griffith's friend. Casca takes notice of Guts' reaction to Griffith's words. When Griffith and Charlotte gaze into each other's eyes, Casca turns away, overcome with jealousy.

Griffith and Charlotte's conversation is interrupted by a maidservant who comes to alert Charlotte to her uncle Julius' death. The two panic-stricken women speak, blissfully unaware that it was Griffith's machinations which led to Julius' demise.

Guts, as yet unseen by Griffith, turns and leaves, leaving Casca alone and confused on the steps of the banquet hall.

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