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"Recurring" is episode 124 of the Berserk manga series.


Farnese watches in horror as Guts loses himself in his wrath while he fights off the possessed hounds. She is so struck with fear that she cannot find the words to pray. In desperation, she manages to force herself to her feet and runs away from the scene. She stumbles through the darkness, completely void of protection or armor, no shirt on, and arms still bound. She finds the horse Guts rode as it struggles to get to its feet. She orders it to be still so she can mount it, but it turns its face toward her.


Farnese comes face-to-face with a malicious spirit that has possessed a living horse.

The horse has also been possessed, and has the same human-like face and bulging eyes as the dogs. The sight of it makes Farnese fall on her back from fright. The horse rises and stands menacingly over her, lowering its head and licking her face. Farnese's screams attract Guts' attention.

He turns from his fight to see the horse lower its pelvis over Farnese, sporting an erection. His mind flashes to Casca's rape at the hands of Femto during the Eclipse, and his mind goes completely blank but for the rage he feels. He brings his sword down and beheads the horse in one swing, the sword hitting the ground at such an angle as Farnese remains uninjured, though the blade is mere inches from her neck.


The memory of the Eclipse that Puck sees in Guts' mind.

Puck wonders why Guts' rage seems deeper than usual, and he uses his empath abilities to sense the source of Guts' emotions. He has visions of Casca, a girl he doesn't know, being risen high into the air, a Brand of Sacrifice over her heart, surrounded by Apostles. Puck is utterly confused as to what he sees.

Thanks to Farnese's actions, Guts is feeling the worst rage he's ever experienced since the Eclipse, a fact which he makes sure to tell her. He swears to keep killing the surrounding spirits until the sun rises.

Later, as dawn approaches, Farnese watches the exhausted Guts pants for breath under the rising sun's warm glow. She is oddly moved by what she sees, and points out to herself that while he was busy fighting the incomprehensible creatures of the night, she was searching for a means of escape, never even considering that her God may have saved her. She folds herself over her kneeling legs in shame.


  1. Guts
  2. Farnese
  3. Femto (Flashback)
  4. Casca (Flashback)
  5. Puck