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"Night of Miracles" is episode 123 of the Berserk manga series.


As the spirits overtake Serpico, his horse bucks him off, frightened. After landing on the ground, he looks up, only to find that the spirits have disappeared. He then watches Guts run off with Farnese.

Guts questions Puck's claim that Farnese cannot see him. Puck explains that humans only see what they determine to be important to them, forgetting meaningless details. Farnese is doing the same thing; she does not care for elves, or even believe they exist, and thus she cannot see them. Puck takes the opportunity to tease Farnese since she believes that Guts is the perpetrator. From her perspective, Guts is talking for himself.

Suddenly, the three find themselves in a dark void. Farnese is scared and confused, but Guts and Puck have experienced it before; the spirits that were chasing Serpico have closed in on them and are attacking. Guts is able to keep them at bay with his huge sword, and he makes a point of telling Farnese that the spirits and darkness are what God brings upon the world.

Too preoccupied by the spirits, Guts doesn't notice that his horse is running straight for a cliff. It loses its balance and they all go tumbling down together, but Guts catches Farnese before she can be harmed by the fall. She asks why he saved her, and he explains that he has questions of his own that she needs to answer - chiefly, why the Holy Iron Chain Knights have been following him.


Guts defends himself and Farnese from the possessed hounds.

From the surrounding darkness, wild dogs appear. Guts prepares for battle, knowing they aren't simple hounds. Rather, they have been possessed by the spirits, and have human-like faces with bulging eyes. As Guts fights them off, he taunts Farnese by saying that the monsters he is fighting are what true "miracles" are, and he tells her to pray her problems away. She only watches, frightened.


  1. Serpico
  2. Puck
  3. Guts
  4. Farnese