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"Holy Iron Chain Knights (2)" is episode 120 of the Berserk manga series.


Azan orders the Holy Iron Chain Knights to back away, wanting to take Guts on by himself using his iron studded quarterstaff. Guts has heard of Azan before, knowing him as the Bridge Knight. A famous story says that years ago, Azan once met a wounded man on a bridge. As he helped the old man cross, he prevented a group of nearly a hundred horsemen from crossing the bridge until the old wounded man had crossed it first.

Azan says that he has a code of honor he must stick to, as must all knights. Guts replies that he is no knight, and Azan decides that the battle must begin. He swings his quarterstaff at Guts, who dodges, but the strike has the strength to chop a nearby tree in half. He sends a flurry of attacks after Guts, who dodges them all, though his injured leg means he cannot sustain such rapid dodging. To make matters worse, Guts' vision is beginning to fade.


Guts charges at Farnese, intending to take her hostage.

Azan sends a particularly powerful flurry of attacks at Guts' face, which he blocks with the Dragon Slayer. The impact sends Guts into a backflip, and the Holy Iron Chain Knights express their admiration that Azan was able to beat him. Guts' vision fades even more and he is losing the feeling in his limbs, but he puts on a final surge of energy to jump straight over Azan and sprint in Farnese's direction. He is struck in the leg by a well-aimed crossbow bolt, but he continues his charge. Trembling, Farnese raises her sword, ready to fight. She points it toward Guts and thrusts, and though Guts raises his metal arm to deflect it, he is struck by a piece of wood secretly thrown by Serpico near his arrow wound. Guts' attempt at deflecting Farnese's sword fails when he stumbles due to the pain in his leg, and he impales his shoulder on Farnese's blade.

The Holy Iron Chain Knights cheer for their captain, who seemingly managed to take the Falcon of Darkness down in one hit. Several soldiers whose friends were just killed by Guts attempt to force him to his feet so that they may kill him in retaliation. They are stopped by Azan, who proclaims that he is ashamed of their actions.

Azan turns to Farnese and reminds her to give the order to withdraw, but she is too busy staring at the blood on her sword to notice what he is saying. Azan has also felt the sensation that she is currently feeling, as this is the first time she has drawn an opponent's blood. He tells her that she must be strong if she is to lead the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Regaining her composure, Farnese orders the Holy Iron Chain Knights back to camp, taking Guts along with them.


  1. Guts
  2. Puck
  3. Azan
  4. Farnese
  5. Serpico