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"Holy Iron Chain Knights (1)" is episode 119 of the Berserk manga series.


Manga E119 Falcon of Darkness

The Holy Iron Chain Knights surround Guts, with the intention of detaining him as the Falcon of Darkness.

Guts hears the Iron Chain Knights closing in. As they form a circle around him, Farnese triumphantly exclaims that she's finally caught him. The Holy Iron Chain Knights know Guts primarily by the name "Falcon of Darkness". They all stare at him in awe, unable to believe that he can effectively wield a sword as big as the Dragon Slayer.

Farnese explains that the Holy Iron Chain Knights have been dispatched by the Holy See to capture Guts, and orders him to drop his weapons, or else they'll take him by force. Guts has no idea what he's done wrong, or why a large religious association like the Holy See is after him. Farnese points out the blood that covers his body and claims that it is the blood of the children he slaughtered in Jill's village. She orders her men to capture Guts.

Unlike the other bands of soldiers Guts has encountered in his travels, the Holy Iron Chain Knights advance slowly, reluctant to take him on due to the sheer size of his sword. One soldier charges from behind and strikes at Guts, who blocks with his Dragon Slayer. Despite Guts having a sword that is three times longer and at least ten times wider than the soldier's sword, it is him who is forced back due to not having the strength to use the Dragon Slayer effectively.

Seeing that the Black Swordsman is not the sword-wielding monster witnesses have made him out to be, a wave of confidence surges through the Holy Iron Chain Knights, who all attack together. Guts still has the strength to dodge, and is using his prosthetic hand to take out his assailants rather than his sword. It proves to be just as deadly, as he finds he can reliably kill one soldier per hit.

Farnese screams at her soldiers, ordering that Guts isn't to be killed. Serpico turns to her and calmly explains that the Holy Iron Chain Knights are not hardened soldiers, but the sons of nobles who do not wish their children to see real battle. The Holy Iron Chain Knights provides status without risk. Azan asks why Serpico joined them if that is the case, to which Serpico replies that he doesn't like the sight of blood.

The soldiers have forced Guts into a corner; he's backed into a tree and surrounded by five men. Mustering all of his strength, he gives one almighty swing of his Dragon Slayer, killing all five men in one blow. The sight shocks everyone present, and Azan decides that this is his cue to join the fight.


  1. Guts
  2. Azan
  3. Farnese
  4. Serpico
  5. Puck