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"Road Home" is episode 116 of the Berserk manga series.



As she flies over her peaceful home, Rosine's life ebbs away.

Rosine is happy to learn that the elves are real and that, in a way, she was able to find their home. She tells Jill that since she's found Puck, she will be able to overcome the hardships which plague the village. Jill cries as Rosine's eyes slowly close.

Guts has limped his way over to the pair of them, his sole intent being to kill the Apostle Rosine. Jill tries to dissuade him, seeing as how Rosine is now so weak that she cannot move. She tries to hold him back, but he shakes her off.

Guts stands before a heavily injured Rosine and slowly raises his sword to deliver the killing blow. Jill desperately covers Rosine's body with her own, and Guts hesitates to deliver the blow. He is brought out of his rage not by the compassion Jill is showing, but instead by a crossbow bolt which buries itself in his side. Both he and Jill look to see who fired it.

It was Zepek. He is ecstatic at being able to once again be in battle. He calls back toward the Holy Iron Chain Knights, telling them that he's stopped Guts' attack; from Zepek and the Holy Iron Chain Knights' perspective, Guts was about to kill two small innocent girls, not the monster that Rosine is. Farnese orders more bolts be fired at Guts so that the children may be saved.

Guts angrily lets a few bolts hit him, furious that he will not be able to kill Rosine, before running away into the night. The Holy Iron Chain Knights pursue him, but Azan tells Zepek to stay behind and watch the children, not wanting any harm to come to the villager. After Azan leaves, Zepek angrily throws down his crossbow, his new military campaign cut short.

Rosine, having visions of her childhood, decides that it is time to go home to her parents, seeing as it is now nighttime. She stands and unfurls her wings while Jill and Puck stop the terrified Zepek from shooting her with his crossbow. Rosine takes off in an aimless flight. She feels herself getting hungry and wonders what her parents have made before she succumbs to her wounds, dying while in flight. Her body plummets back down to earth, to the crest of a hill like the one where, in the story, Peekaf stayed as he cried, an outsider.

Rosine's last thoughts are of the good times she had with her parents.


  1. Jill
  2. Puck
  3. Rosine
  4. Guts
  5. Zepek
  6. Farnese
  7. Azan
  8. Serpico