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"Bloody Night Sky" is episode 113 of the Berserk manga series.


Puck and Jill have escaped out of the burning, smoky cave. Rosine, in her sealed pod-like space in the body of a giant moth, charges recklessly at Guts, ready to impale him on her forehead stinger. He raises the Dragon Slayer to deflect it and does so successfully, but the impact of the blow bends him backward and sends him flying out the cave.

Rosine has also exited the cave and is flying ominously above them, silhouetted by the dark sky and the light of the moon. Puck makes sure that Jill is safe and sound before noticing that the beats of Rosine's enormous wings has fanned the flames, which now engulf the surrounding trees. Rosine herself takes aim and dives at the now-standing Guts, using pipes unique to her new body that shoot out jets of air that allow her to break the sound barrier as she flies toward him.

He deflects the blow again, but the impact sends him flying once more. He cannot see her quick charge and is deafened by the sound of her sonic booms. She charges over and over again, and he deflects each time. He realizes that he cannot hold out for long if the battle will consist of his blocking her invisible attacks, so he formulates a plan.

Rosine streaks down from the sky, charging again, but notices that Guts isn't blocking in his usual way. Rather, the Dragon Slayer is protecting his body while his arms protect his face. Aiming for his new weak point, she descends and impales her horn on his fleshly arm, though his metal prosthetic one deflects it from going through his face.


Guts fires his cannon arm at Rosine while at a great altitude.

Fearing that she's missed again, Rosine realizes that she now has Guts hanging from her spike only by his impaled arm. She flies him high above the treetops and remains stationary in front of the moon, amusing herself by watching Guts fade in and out of consciousness. She tells the dying Guts that she plans on flying at full speed, thereby tearing his body asunder. She notices that at these words, his eye flickers open, and he executes the second phase of his plan: he aims his prosthetic arm at Rosine's moth-body's abdomen and pulls the secondary trigger on his cannon arm, a pull-string he can use with his teeth. The cannon ball flies through Rosine's body.

As Jill watches in horror, Guts and Rosine both fall to the ground from their extraordinary height.


  1. Puck
  2. Jill
  3. Guts
  4. Rosine