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"Flying Demon" is episode 112 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts spits out the intestines of the partly-incubated elf as the fluids of the broken cocoon rush over his body. He has let his berserker rage overcome him again, and Jill is terrified of what she sees.

Rosine angrily charges straight at Guts, who assumes a defensive stance. Her rush is somewhat slowed by burning debris falling from the ceiling, but she and Guts collide at a great speed. She uses her whip antenna to attack, but Guts blocks it and counters, cutting off her left moth antenna and slicing her left wing partially. As Rosine realizes that her speed is mitigated by the cramped space and her poisonous dust is rendered useless by the flames, Guts rushes behind and jumps straight up to match her altitude, ready to strike.

Rosine catches sight of him and manages to evade the blow, though she also manages a small counter by using her whip to slice Guts' cheek. The missed strike brings Guts out of his berserker rage somewhat, and he realizes that Rosine has moved into a deeper part of the cave and that he can't see her due to the flames. Jill calls out to Rosine, but Puck restrains her.


Rosine's transformed state.

Guts moves to follow Rosine into the fire, but as he does so, his Brand of Sacrifice begins to bleed much more than it did before. He stares into the flames and sees Rosine's figure slowly stand upright. She has transformed again, though this time she is more monster than human. Her torso and head are all completely human, but she is safely ensconced in what appears to be the headless body of an enormous moth. She apathetically proclaims that her paradise is burned up and gone, but that thanks to her wings, she can fly to a new home and begin a new utopia. She says that she wants Jill alongside her in her travels and that Guts must pay for destroying her home.

Her whip antenna fully outstretched like an oversized spear, Rosine charges head-on at Guts, her enormous new form unencumbered by the pillars in the cramped cave. She charges straight through the debris, ready to kill Guts.


  1. Rosine
  2. Guts
  3. Puck
  4. Jill