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"Assassin (3)" is episode 10 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts, armed and cloaked, stands outside Julius' manor at night.

In a flashback to their conversation in the study, Griffith tells Guts how he came to deduce that Julius is his would-be assassin: the poison on the crossbow bolt is highly deadly, and only one doctor in Wyndham deals in it. The crossbowman, a member of the White Dragon Knights, which are led by Julius, entered the doctor's shop to procure some. Griffith then paid off one of the castle's maidservants to follow the crossbowman, and she witnessed him leaving Julius' lounge after their discussion of the failed assassination attempt. The flashback ends.


Guts watches Adonis train with Julius.

Under orders not to be seen and not to tell anyone of his and Griffith's plan, Guts infiltrates Julius' enormous residence. From his rooftop vantage point, he notices Julius training his young son Adonis in swordplay, supervised by Adonis' caretaker, Hassan. Guts pauses a moment to watch the boy get trounced by his father, who leaves after knocking Adonis' sword out of his hand. The harsh training Adonis endures reminds Guts of his own tutelage under Gambino.


Guts accidentally kills Adonis.

Julius drinks wine next to a fireplace after the training session. He stares into the flames, where he sees a vision of Griffith, and he angrily smashes his goblet. A breeze alerts him to the now open balcony door, and from the shadows created by the fire, Guts appears. Julius makes for one of the swords held by the ornamental suits of armor, but too late; Guts rushes forward and slashes Julius across the chest, killing him.

Guts notices a silhouette standing in a doorway and, in compliance with the parameters set down by Griffith, he rams his sword through it. When knocked into the light of the chamber's adjacent hallway, Guts is surprised to see that the silhouette was not a guard's, not even an adult's. Guts has stabbed Adonis in the stomach.


  1. Guts
  2. Griffith (Flashback)
  3. Julius
  4. Adonis
  5. Hassan
  6. Gambino (Flashback)