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"World of the Winged Ones" is episode 104 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts feels a faint stream of blood oozing from his Brand of Sacrifice. He looks back toward the way he came, knowing an apostle is nearby.

As Jill watches, Rosine reverts herself to her old human appearance, her face being identical to how it was the day she left, though the rest of her body still appears as it normally does. She greets Jill very warmly and shows off her new body, which looks very elf-like in appearance. Jill remembers Guts' words about Rosine offering up sacrifices to achieve it, but she does not confront Rosine about the issue.


Without warning, Guts bursts from the brush and attacks Rosine.

Overjoyed at being reunited with her old friend, Rosine asks Jill to join up with her at the Misty Valley, and then spins around to tell her elf thralls that Jill is to be allowed inside it. She then pulls Jill into a hug and rises off the ground, intending to take Jill to her hideout paradise. Their ascent is cut short by Guts, who has sprinted back to do battle. He swings his sword at Rosine, despite the fact that she is holding Jill. Rosine accelerates her ascent to dodge the blow, but the tail on one of her wings is severed.

Rosine's face returns to its monstrous appearance, and she orders her thralls to attack Guts. Before they can, Jill begs Rosine to stop the fighting before it can begin. Rosine decides to turn around and fly away with Jill and her elves, leaving Guts alone with the now-free Puck.


Jill watches the world pass far below her.

Puck suspects that Guts did not care for Jill's safety when he swung his sword: Guts confirms Puck's suspicions, but he himself begins to question whether he held back in attacking out of concern for Jill. Regardless, Puck berates Guts for being so uncaring of Jill's health and flies off on his own. Guts stares down at the tail of Rosine's wing, suspecting that he truly had held back.

As Rosine and Jill fly high above the ground, Jill clings to Rosine out of fear. Rosine later tells Jill to look at the view no human could ever see; a perspective on the world that only birds and elves can ever see. Jill is entranced by the beauty of the landscape beneath her. Rosine offers Jill a chance to fly all she wants provided she becomes "one of them".


  1. Guts
  2. Rosine
  3. Jill
  4. Puck