"Golden Age (7)" is episode 0O of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

Guts has strayed behind the Falcons, too preoccupied with fighting off the soldiers chasing him. They manage to slash Guts' back, but he stays atop his horse.

Griffith and the main force of the Falcons have made it back to their base of operations, a fort. He asks Corkus where Guts is, but Corkus, impressed with the effectiveness with which Guts is fighting, replies that he doesn't know.


The Falcons return to save Guts.

Guts' horse is killed, and the Falcons have left him behind. He is saved by the timely arrival of Griffith, Judeau, another Falcon, Pippin, and several others. Griffith helps Guts on his horse, and they all make their way back to the fort, the enemy soldiers hot on their trail. When it seems the enemy is about to catch up, the Falcons break through the treeline of the forest, where the opposing force is greeted by cannon fire and palisades. The enemy retreats and the Falcons celebrate, with the exception of Casca, who isn't sure what to think of Griffith and Guts' new partnership.

Later in the night, the Falcons celebrate their victory. Two old men look down on Griffith from within the fort and marvel at his inhuman effectiveness in leading troops into battle. The Falcons come to appreciate Guts, and Griffith notices him sitting atop the fort's battlements, staring into the land beyond. Judeau, Pippin, and a young member of the Falcons, Rickert, come up to invite Guts to drink with them. When he refuses, Pippin forcibly drags Guts down to join the Falcons in celebration, where Guts ultimately decides to drink with them.

Corkus watches with jealousy as the Falcons begin their celebration in honor of Guts, who notices Griffith flash him a smile from within the crowd. Casca watches over the whole scene, alone atop the fort's ramparts.

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