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"Golden Age (8)" is preludial episode 16 of the Berserk manga series.


The morning following the celebration, Judeau finds Guts once again sitting on the fort's battlements. He asks Guts what he thinks of the Band of the Falcon, and Guts reveals that he senses the members are different from other mercenary bands, as they are composed of much younger men who care more about each other than they do for money. Guts then asks Judeau what he thinks of Griffith, but Judeau can't come up with a straightforward answer, only saying that people are inexplicably drawn to Griffith and want to help him achieve his goals.


The Egg of the King.

Another member calls up to Guts and says that Griffith wants to see him. Guts finds Griffith naked, pouring cold buckets of water over himself in order to sober up. They engage in a water fight provoked by Griffith, and when things settle down, Guts notices the odd necklace Griffith is wearing. Griffith informs him that the object is called a Beherit, or the Egg of the King, and that its owner is destined to obtain the world in exchange for his own flesh and blood.

Guts asks Griffith why he came back to save him the previous night, and Griffith tells him his dream of having his own kingdom, reminds Guts that he now owns him and that he will be the one to decide the moment of Guts' death. Later, as Guts wonders how Griffith will achieve his dream, he is found by Rickert and Pippin, who congratulate him on being given the command of ten men. Casca again watches Guts from high up in the fort.

Three years later, Guts, age eighteen, is seen in battle, still fighting alongside the Band of the Falcon.


  1. Guts
  2. Judeau
  3. Griffith
  4. Gambino (flashback)
  5. Rickert
  6. Pippin
  7. Casca