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"Golden Age (3)" is preludial episode 11 of the Berserk manga series.



A child Guts stares up at the night sky.

Gambino calls out to Shisu before dying of his injuries. His body falls and destroys a table on which stood a lit candle, setting the tent on fire and alerting the rest of the mercenary group to the situation. Assuming that Guts murdered their leader in cold blood, cursing him for turning on his adoptive father and bringing ill fortune to their group, the youth was forced to escape the encampment on horseback and armed with his sword. But some the mercenaries pursue after Guts, one of them managing to hit the boy through his back with a crossbow bolt with the mercenaries assuming he died when he fell off the cliff into the shallow water below. Guts awakens not long after, and looks up at the night sky, at a loss of where to go or what to do. He stands up and notices a pack of wolves has surrounded him and was willing to let them kill him. But Guts' finds his body instinctively moves of its own accord to fend off the wolves. Managing to drive off the wolves before collapsing, Guts finds himself with another wandering group of mercenaries who are in need of another soldier in their ranks.


Guts bests Bazuso in single combat.

Four years pass since that night, a mercenary group has begun an assault on a heavily-defended castle. The mercenaries manage to gain entry but their progress is halted by the large hulk of a man that many recognize as Bazuso. The mercenaries' employer calls for would-be challengers to face Bazuso, but none volunteer out of fear of the knight's reputation as a thirty-man slayer who once killed a bear. However, now the size of an average adult and armed with a greatsword, a fifteen-year-old Guts steps up to fight after requesting seven pieces of gold. Despite Bazuso's initial impression on Guts, he finds the younger opponent to be more skilled then he expected. The mercenaries and the opposing soldiers marvel the speed at which Guts fights and defeats Bazuso after breaking his battle axe, landing a mortal blow to Bazuso's waist and then smashing his sword down the knight's skull as he pleas for mercy.


  1. Gambino
  2. Guts
  3. Bazuso