Enoch Village
Japanese Name: イーノック村
Romanized Name: Īnokku mura
English Name: Enoch Village
Manga Debut: Chapter 204
Enoch Village
Anime Debut: (2016 Anime)
Episode 17
Spirit Realm

Enoch Village (イーノック村 Īnokku mura?) is a dwindling town shadowed by the huge cliffs of a nearby mountain.

Geography Edit

The village is located on the banks of a large river, next to a pass located between two mountains. The village proper sits upon a small hill upon the river banks, with another small section of farms and houses located on the other side connected by a stone bridge. At the top of the mountain pass lies a small watchtower garrisoned by local militia. The church, which lies at the center of town, once was a location of a local shrine dedicated to a river spirit many years ago before the establishment of the Holy See.

Story Edit

Once a popular tourist town, with the decline of trade and commerce, Enoch fell victim to widespread famine and poverty. In addition to these tragedies, trolls have begun a series of random raids on the town, raping and kidnapping women, massacring the limited livestock and killing any who get in their way. Guts' band exterminated the Trolls infestation in a decisive battle. Enoch is now liberated and the town is beginning to rebuild.

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