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Elize is the daughter of Foss.[1]




Golden Age Arc[]

Griffith hires five men to abduct Elize. They spend a week staking out her lessons schedule, eventually taking her hostage when she was about to leave in a carriage.[1] Once the deed is done, a lady of the court gives a letter to a Wyndham guard so that it can be forwarded to Foss, which he reads privately. The contents seem to severely frighten him, and he takes his leave.[2] Later that night, the Queen of Midland, Foss and their accomplices celebrate the seemingly successful assassination of Griffith in a tower in Wyndham. Despite their plan having gone without a hitch, Foss still seems quite agitated, which the Queen notices. He leaves the building, claiming that he wants to survey the fruits of their endeavor.[3]

After the Queen and the conspirators are burned alive, Griffith tells Foss to follow him to a water mill, where Foss is reunited with Elize.[1]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]

She is one of the children in Wyndham who have a dream of the events to come concerning Ganishka's transformation and defeat, eventually giving way to Falconia and Fantasia.[4]


  •  Although she does not physically appear in the first anime, her voice can be heard in Episode 18 (at 12:33 minutes) when she reunites with her father.


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