Japanese Name: 複数形
English Name: Elves
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Elves of the Berserk world is very similar to a fairy in terms of physical appearance and attitude. They are small, cute, and may serve as a comic relief to Berserk's dark story.


Elves appear in many fairy tales, poems, legends, and are rarely seen by human eyes. They are creatures who exist in the astral world, and may appear in the actual world. Such careless acts as being seen could be done on purpose, or could only be seen if one believes in elves and/or has had experiences with astral creatures. The most famous legends of Elves is one of Peekaf, which is a children's story, and King Hanafubuku.



Elves have many different powers. They are capable of healing injuries, sensing people's feelings, and some even say that they have the power to bring one happiness.[1] They can create medicine with their dust from their wings, known as Elf Dust. Although their size generally limits their usefulness in combat, they may use a bright flash, acting as a flare to blind enemies temporarily, and carry small objects.


Some magical places, such as Godo's mining cave and Rosine's tree in the Misty Valley, have been once home to some Elves. These magical places may serve to keep away bad spirits, which has been proven by Casca's survival in Godo's cave. It has also been said that Elves have a homeland, known as Elfhelm, which is a place located on the western sea and where Elves and Witches live in harmony. The King of Elfhelm is King Hanufubuku, who is believed to be capable of healing Casca's mental state.



  • So far only two actual Elves have been introduced in Berserk: Puck and Evarella, both of which are in Guts' New Party.
  • Apparently different races of Elves coexist in the Astral World, but Puck and Evarella are both Elves of the Pisky race (Pesky is an English world for mischievous). The Pisky are known to any experienced magic user as descendants of the Spirits of Wind, and famed for their bubbly, friendly and funny-loving nature.


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