Elementals are distinct magical entities of the Astral World which work in resonance with the four primary elemental states of the Physical World; specifically, earth elementals govern solid state, water elementals liquid, wind elementals vapor, and fire elementals energy.[1]

Minuscule in size, they typically live in large quantities. They dwell in large swarms not only upon compatible magical items, but also within sanctuaries, granting divine protection to wielders of such items and inhabitants of such areas.

There exists a fifth elemental external to the primary four, serving to "bind the four elements together", called barytes.[2]

Types Edit

Sylphs Edit



These spirits take form of tiny angels with wing-like hands, although they are described by Serpico as "transparent insects". As explained by Schierke, "spirits which resonate or are compatible with energy (heat)", meaning they govern over matter in gaseous form. As spiritual bodies of the atmosphere (Air/Wind) and being the heart of the wind that flies throughout the skies, they call upon the air and wind as tool and weapon.

Their powers include the ability to sweep away swords and arrows from the actual target. They can also grant the ability to glide and fly in the air, allowing for greater freedom of mobility. They are able to break falls by creating an updraft to decelerate the falling speed of a person or object. These abilities are shown from the powers of the Sylph Cloak. They can also attack in form of a swirling gust of razor-sharp wind, able to slice and cut enemies' flesh cleanly into pieces even at quite a distance away without the weapon needing to touch them. This is seen from Serpico's Sylph Sword, made from the Great Eagle's feather and a carved rune branch.

Salamanders Edit



These spirits are in the form of tiny lizards of flame. They are not further illustrated by Schierke, only mentioned indirectly as "spirits which resonate or are compatible with energy (heat)".

Their powers include the ability to hurt enemies with a burn like the flame of Hell's inferno. They can also be used to kindle candles and fuses of bombs, serving as a ignition tool.

Undines Edit



These spirits are in form of tiny fish-like beings (perhaps more like a mermaid) with fins and streamlined bodies. They are not further illustrated by Schierke, only mentioned indirectly as "spirits which resonate or are compatible with fluids".

It is said that the lapping waves can crush even the rocks and crags. Water droplets can penetrate stone with time. Winds can also erode away things made of stone to form sand. When bound with magic to provide it with the sharpness of the needle, water can split metal or perhaps even diamonds.

Gnomes Edit

They are not yet shown but can be inferred. These spirits come in form of tiny dwarf-like figures or dolls, perhaps much like the mud golems used by Schierke as protectors of Flora's spirit tree mansion. They are not further illustrated by Schierke, only mentioned indirectly as "spirits which resonate or are compatible with individual or solid bodies".

Barytes Edit

Not yet shown and incredibly small. Spirits of the weight elemental. They cause darkness in the air and fuel obsession in the mind.[2]

Elemental Lords Edit

High-level elemental spirits can manipulate these entities at will, while weapons with magic properties such as Serpico's Sylph sword and Isidro's Salamander Dagger can only harness their powers by appealing to their respective elementals.

Other Entities Edit

Lady of the Deep Water Edit

Lady of the Deep Water

Lady of the Deep Water

The Lady of the Deep Water is the water spirit which is enshrined on the hill where the Enoch village's church was. It takes the form of a female angel with wings of water and has order over the Undines. It was worshipped by the ancestors of the habitants of Enoch but was gradually forgotten when the church of Holy See was built in its sanctuary's place. However, it still accepted to purge the trolls, orcs and kelpie out of the village, drowning and killing them in a rushing flood of water.

Schierke has warped into the Astral Plane when the Enoch village was under the troll's attack and found a sanctuary on the hill where the church was. It declares itself as "of the water kin, the spirit of the rill that doth flow through this land" and that "in accordance with the ancient oath does she cleanse this land of the evil spirits that would stain it".[3]

Rotting Root Lord Edit

Rotting Root Lord

Rotting Root Lord

Schierke visits the Astral Plane at the Qliphoth where she makes a pact with the Rotting Root Lord to destroy all of the trolls by decaying them into nothingness. The Rotting Root Lord was a spirit of darkness and, as forewarned by Flora, seemed to be a very difficult spirit to control.

Blaze Wheel Edit

The Blaze Wheel Spirit, Magatsukami is a great flame spirit which resides in battlefields. It is "a relative of miraculous scorching flame Shakuen that spureth Hell fire and layeth ruin and flame upon battlefields", as it declares when it is in possession of Schierke's body which she lent in return of its help. It seeks the enemies of Guts' Team as "sacred offerings which will be reduced to ashes beneath the rut of the Guren (Crimson Lotus, also known as Hell in Buddhist mythology)".

At the docks at Vritannis where monsters were summoned to attack and destroy the city, Schierke channeled into the Astral Plane, sought after, found and thereby called upon the aid of the Blaze Wheel. As the Spirit of the the Hell Inferno, it was able to create mass destruction, as shown in its attack upon the Daka army when it took its toll upon a nearby water wheel, which burst into flames and rolled upon the Daka army, trampling and burning the Daka to the ground.

It also lent its power as response to Schierke's request, inhabiting and channeling its power over hellfire into Guts' Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer sword. This newly bestowed power granted to Guts was said to allow him to "burn his enemies asunder with its ferocious hellfire". As a result, Guts was cloaked in fierce flames which was able to protect him from the water snake protector, Kundalini's water beam attack, rendering the water from the shot harmless. He was able to force through the beam, even into the mouth of the water beast's mouth and into the body. Creating a great explosion from the Dragon Slayer, it tossed the Kushan sorcerer and cut down the true form, the relatively tiny mystical water snake entwined around the sorcerer's body from the summoned water beast, resulting in the sorcerer's defeat.

References Edit

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