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A unidentified dwarf.

The dwarves (鉱精ドワーフ; literally "Mining spirit(s)") are a race of short and squat beings. Its members often make their dwellings in dark, tight spaces, such as the stone forest in Skellig.[1]


The dwarves are a race of short and squat beings, often shorter than the average human. Dwarf men are often coated with a thick beard and body hair akin to fur. Their barrel chest makes them physically tough and rugged.[1]


Molda has commented that dwarves are infamous for being "stubborn weirdos".[1]


Dwarves are able to create powerful and dreaded set pieces such as the Berserker Armor.[2] Hanarr is seen to have an understanding on the inner workings of the aforementioned armor.[1]


Millenium Falcon Arc[]

Dwarves are mentioned in Flora's Mansion of the Spirit Tree as being the chief artisans behind the creation of the Berserker Armor.[2]

Fantasia Arc[]

Guts first sees a dwarf in-person in the stone forest of Skellig upon meeting Hanarr.[1]

Known dwarves[]



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