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Donovan was a subordinate mercenary of Gambino. Guts murdered Donovan after he gave Gambino three silver coins in order to rape Guts.[2][1]

Personality and Ideology

Donovan was a ruthless mercenary who did not hesitate to kill enemies fleeing from the battlefield. He was shown to be a pederast when he raped a nine-year-old Guts. He showed no remorse for any of his cruel actions.[1]


Donovan approaches Gambino after a mission. That night, Donovan makes a move. Although Guts tries to fight Donovan off, he cannot reach his sword and when Donovan reveals his transaction with Gambino, and Guts is swiftly pinned down and overpowered.[2] Donovan tells Guts that it "happens all the time in armies", and Guts keeps on struggling, but is left weak due to a knee hit. Donovan then reveals that he paid Gambino three silver pieces to buy him for the night and proceeds to rape the kid. Some time later, it is revealed that Gambino sold Guts, motivated by a growing grudge against the young mercenary due to his accusation of the boy for Shisu's death and the way he kept on tagging along.[1]

Some time later, during a mission with Gambino and his men, Donovan smiles suggestively at Guts. Later, Guts observes Donovan killing stragglers from the opposing force before shooting him in the back with a crossbow. After firing another bolt into Donovan's open mouth, Guts approaches Donovan and demands an answer as to who sold him out. Afterwards, Guts rams his sword down Donovan's mouth, killing him.[1]

As a result of Donovan's sexual assault, Guts was left with a fear of being touched by other people that would continue into adulthood as well as internal conflict over Gambino selling him out. It also triggers a flashback years later, when Guts has sex with Casca for the first time, resulting in her briefly getting strangled by Guts.[3]


The strength of Donovan allowed him to dispatch enemy soldiers with ease. He was easily able to use this strength to overpower the nine-year-old Guts despite the boy's best efforts to fight him off.[2][1]


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  • Donovan did not appear in the 1997 anime series, but he did briefly appear in part 1 of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc during a flashback when Guts was unconscious due to his first encounter with Griffith, in which his childhood rape was briefly referenced. The scene is heavily censored compared to the manga, only showing a blurry screen with background audio alluding to the rape. In "Wounds", the ninth Memorial Edition episode, the scene is repeated, now including a still scene that depicts Donovan holding a gagged Guts.


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