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Doldrey, considered to be unbreakable, is one of the main border fortresses of Midland.[1]


It is surrounded by mountains, and a vast open wasteland sits between the fortress and a river.[2]


For several hundred years, Doldrey belonged to Midland and was pivotal in the defense of their border. This came to an end one hundred years prior to the end of the war, when it fell into the hands of Tudor. Later, during the Hundred-Year War, it became a staging point for invading Midland and was also a military base for Tudor's strongest army, the Purple Rhino Knights. The governor, Lord Gennon, was also the supreme commander of Tudor's northern battle front.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]

As Tudor ended up internal conflict over the throne sucession, Midland sees a chance to win the Hundred-Year War by removing Tudor's foothold in Doldrey. One of the two main armies of Midland, the White Tiger Knights, fails miserably in an attempt to capture it. After their return, a meeting with the King of Midland and his generals is appointed as a determination in a second attempt to capture Doldrey. Much discussion and arguments occur within the meeting, and Griffith speaks up to use his Band of the Falcon at the King's disposal, containing a mere 5,000 men, against Tudor's 30,000. After Griffith leaves the decision to be in the hands of the King, the monarch agrees.[1]

The Band of the Falcon is split into two, one half fighting the army head on, the other awaiting by the river, and Casca's party awaiting to capture Doldrey from the back. As Griffith and his 2,000 men attack the Purple Rhino Knights' seemingly overwhelming army, Guts and his raiding party break the main offense[2] and soon retreat to the river side, waiting for Doldrey's armies to follow. Lord Boscogn of the Purple Rhino Knights is aware of Griffith's plan, but is soon ordered by Gennon to send all of his armies out of the fortress to attack the remaining forces. This allows Casca's party the perfect opportunity to capture Doldrey unnoticed and kill the few left behind,[3] despite interference from Adon Coborlwitz.[4] As Guts defeats Boscogn in battle, Casca's capture of Doldrey is a success with the Tudor army losing morale and no choice but to retreat while Gennon is killed by Griffith.[5] The fall of Doldrey effectively marks the end of the war for the time being.[6] Sometime later, the King of Midland receives an envoy from Tudor with a proposition of an armistice which he agrees, putting an end to 100 years of continue warfare.[7]