Manga E229 Daimonified Flora

"My existential form will merely change. We can meet again in your dreams."

Daimons (司霊ダイモン, Tsukasa Rei (Daimon); literally "Chief Spirits") are guiding spirits residing in a deeper stratum of the Astral World than elemental spirits. Some of them were human heroes and mages in life.[1]

According to one of Elfhelm's young mages, communion with daimons is a privilege typically reserved for advanced mages.[1]

Notes Edit

  • Daimon is a modern romanization of the Ancient Greek δαίμων (daímōn; literally "tutelary deity"), of which daemon is the Latin derivative. It is used in place of its Latin variant as a way of distinguishing its original meaning from later conceptions of demon.

References Edit

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