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Daiba is a powerful Kushan sorcerer. He was a close adviser of emperor Ganishka, and the Pishacha gana leader,[1] overseeing the harashada who control said troops of Kushan military.[5]


Daiba is a thin, frail old man. He has long hair fashioned in dreadlocks and a long beard. He wears simple clothes and a warped turban.[1]


Daiba is wise and cunning, preferring to observe Guts' fight with the Makara before engaging him. He views the foreigners as savages, but shows respect for their magical abilities.[1] According to him, he wants to establish a magical empire.[6]

Daiba was loyal to Ganishka and always by his side, but spoke his mind when the situation demanded it, as shown when Ganishka offered Guts to serve him[7] or when the emperor wanted to use the Man-Made Beherit; on that occasion, Daiba told him to at least try it on someone else before he tried it on himself.[8]

As an elderly man, Daiba constantly remarks on how the younger generations disrespect their elders and are weaker than them.[9][10] Nevertheless, when living in Falconia, he's shown to be quite good with children and generously reward those that helped him.[3]


Daiba is the one who gave the Beherit to emperor Ganishka in a past encounter, when he was a wandering sadhu.[4]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]


Daiba shortly before the battle of Vritannis.

Daiba is first seen on a Kushan galleass, learning that the Pishacha mastery of the entire bay shore is complete. He discusses to himself about the convenience of using these methods and wondering about the disappearance of a group of harashada - the same Kushan mystics that were beheaded by Serpico.[5] That night, demon beast troops are dispatched into the outskirts of Vritannis.[11] Amid the chaos and slaughter, Daiba's galleass encounters Guts' party. He pays special attention to Guts who slaughtered Makara creatures under the influence of Berserker Armor,[1] and uses Hindu mythology references to describe his opponents, describing Guts as "Kshatriya of Durga" and Serpico as "Kshatriya of Vayu".[10] Eventually, the Kundalini was summoned by Daiba after Guts proved to be able to combat his abilities with the Berserker Armor and his own prowess.[10] A battle ensued, during which much property was destroyed and Guts companions' lives were threatened several times. The Kundalini was eventually slain through the combined efforts of Schierke, Serpico, and Guts.[12] Afterward, he retires atop a Garuda, talking to himself about his failure and his wish to establish a great magic empire on the earth. Ganishka calls him on his blunder, noticing how he allowed the makara and Kundalini to be slaughtered. Ganishka reacts to Daiba's apology by electrocuting the garuda.[6] Daiba then observes the fight between the emperor and Guts and the revelation that the warrior is a branded one. He was electrocuted anew when he called the emperor on his impulsiveness concerning his wish for Guts to serve him.[7] After Ganishka's body is damaged, he ends up retiring from the battle, asking the harashada to make the remaining daka and pishacha to commit suicide. He then muses on who Guts may be.[13]

After the defeat in Vritannis, he shows extensive worry toward the emperor and his wish to use illicit sorcery.[8] Even after transcending apostlehood by seizing more power, Daiba attempts to reach Ganishka.[14] In the fight that follows, Daiba ponders on how apostles are fighting alongside humans. [15] He is seen when Ganishka is killed by Femto and Skull Knight, causing the world to become engulfed in light. [16]

Fantasia Arc[]

In Falconia, Daiba kept a low profile by setting himself as a stable worker, using his beast controlling powers. He met the likes of former prostitutes Luca, Pepe, Lucie and Fouquet, as well as Rickert and Erica during that time.[17] Daiba also encountered members of Bakiraka assassins led by Silat and both sides recognized one another. But his time in Falconia was cut short by Rakshas attempt on Rickert's life. Daiba then saved Erica from the apostle. After being accepted into Rickert's travelling party, the sorcerer called forth several garudas he kept at the stables, effectively using them to flee alongside the Tapasa, Rickert and Erica. Before he left, he threw a small bag of diamonds to Luca and the three girls as a token of gratitude for looking after him.[3]

Continuation-specific information begins.

Daiba is seen again having a mental conversation with Silat. Having anticipated the sudden arrival of the Seahorse, he acted accordingly to take precautions against Guts. Once subdued, Daiba returns to the capital.[18] Once there, he takes Silat, the tapasa and Rickert to the room in which Schierke is being kept until she return from the Astral World. Amazed at her luminous body usage, he considers the martial potential of the mage refugees. Indeed, after briefly talking to the Black Swordsman Party about their showdown in Vritannis, he asks Silat to entrust the island mages to him, to which the Bakiraka man agrees.[19]

Continuation-specific information ends.


Daiba is a powerful Kushan sorcerer able to summon mystical creatures such as Kundalini with brief, almost silent, incantations.[9][10] Schierke assumes the power of Kundalini allowed him to control waterspouts without chanting spells.[10] He can also control animals with these spells, such as horses, snakes and rats.[17][3] Similarly, Daiba can entrance people to do his bidding using hand signs and his walking stick as a conduit.[20] When Ganishka was twice transformed, while everyone who contacted Ganishka's foggy essence perished Daiba survived by shielding himself with his own sorcery.[8] He can float in midair[1] and, by applying the secrets of yoga, he is also capable of submerging underwater for about half an hour.[12]. Daiba is also able to use thought transference.[12]

Daiba is also very wise and knowledgeable: he is fully aware of apostles' nature and secrets regarding how they became that way.[15] His life creation is the so-called Man-Made Beherit, based on knowing that their bodies are connected to the astral world.[8] Similarly, he deduced the source of power for Guts and Serpico at his first glance.[10]


  • He seems to based on Indian yogis (those who practice the art of yoga). His attire is that of a yogi and ability to float with spiritual energy is a fabled yogic power. The Kundalini reference further affirms this as Kundalini is the stage of enlightenment and empowerment attained by mastering libido.
    • His name may come from the Sanskrit term "daiva" (दैव), meaning "divine".


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