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Dahl was a man working under the Count.[1]


Dahl was a short old man shown to be wearing minister's robes, hanging over his shoulders and buttoned on the front. He was shown to have no facial hair and wore a white minister's cap. He always wore a grim expression on his aged face.[1]


Dahl was a fearful man. Though he performed many executions and was the public speaker for such events on behalf on the Count, he feared him all the same.[1] He expressed concern after the Count left Theresia's room feeling distressed.[2]


Black Swordsman Arc[]

On a scaffold, Dahl proclaims, in front of a crowd of people, that the inquisition finds the woman next to him guilty of heresy and making a pact with the Devil. Despite her cries and pleas, she is executed by beheading. Dahl returns to his superior, Count, who sits on a covered throne next to the scaffold. He privately asks the Count whether they are executing too many people and wonders whether His Holiness could intervene, but the Count replies that he executes heretics for the benefit of the rest of his subjects. Dahl is then worried when Guts appears and attacks the nearby guards.[1]

Dahl is later seen when the Count visits an injured Zondark, following his orders. Outside the building, Dahl is informed by a soldier that an informant knows the Black Swordsman's location. The Count exits the castle and declares that the now blank-faced Zondark will be in charge of killing him. Zondark begins to laugh at the prospect of killing Guts, a scene that shocks Dahl. When Vargas is brought to the execution scaffold, Dahl reports that Vargas is not in possession of the beherit.[3]

After the execution, the Count, in the presence of his underlings and Dahl, make their way through the castle with a caged Puck. They enter the room of the Count's daughter, Theresia, to give her Puck as a gift. Dahl express concern over the Count's distress over his daughter's behaviour. Shortly afterward, when Guts finds his way to the Count's throne room, he is intercepted by Dahl and a regiment of guards. Dahl claims knowing that he'd come, being in league with Vargas. He then offers the Black Swordsman to surrender quietly, lest he is killed at once by orders of the man. When Guts asks them to move, Dahl orders the archers to fire. Guts dispatches the guards easily. Dahl then calls for Gerico, a man who bragged about being stronger than Zondark, to attack. Once he is dispatched and the remaining guard members run for their lives, Dahl calls them to come back, to no avail. Guts then stands menacingly before Dahl, who is defenseless, and kicks him.[2]

As Guts advances toward the Count, Dahl hides behind a column. As the fight between the swordsman and the apostle continues, Dahl attempts to escape, but he is stopped by Guts. The Count loses sight of Guts but notices a black cloak peeking out from behind one of the columns in the room. The Count attacks and kills the person hiding behind it, who is revealed to be Dahl, clad in Guts' cloak.[2]


  • Dahl and the Mayor of Koka are similar characters in both appearance and personality, as both feared their masters and both wore minister clothing.