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Manga E357 Corridor of Stone Pillars

A corridor of stone pillars.

A corridor of stone pillars (石柱の回廊) is a means of high-speed travel by way of the branches of the World Tree.


Fantasia Arc[]

In an eastern highway region of the continent, following the Band of the Falcon's victory over the jötnar, Sonia locates a site of ancient ruins and notifies Griffith of her discovery. Griffith asks a transformed Grunbeld to arrange the fallen pillars at the ruins into a corridor, as he says they once were. Readying to withdraw, Griffith orders the Band of the Falcon to assume lines of two and to proceed forward through the pillars, warning all soldiers to not lose sight of those in front of them. With Griffith and Sonia leading the way, the Band of the Falcon soldiers briefly experience the sensation of galloping through the branches of the World Tree before soon after arriving outside the walls of Falconia.[1]

Griffith plans to raise corridors at other ancient ruins across the continent to assist in the Band of the Falcon's future military deployments.[1]


  • According to Sonia, among the reborn Band of the Falcon, only herself and Griffith are capable of navigating the branches of the World Tree through corridors without getting lost.[1]


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