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That face... Like you're in some kinda agony or somethin'!! Like you're the only one walkin' some path of profound sufferin' that no one understands!! Don't be so proud!!! I don't buy it. You ain't special. You can... never become Griffith.
– Corkus to Guts

Corkus was a member of the original Band of the Falcon[4] who previously led a small band of thieves.[2] He was killed during the Eclipse as a sacrifice.


Corkus usually appears very cynical and world-weary, but is hinted at being an idealistic man underneath. He is quick to point to each step toward a better position the Band of the Falcon has earned through their hard work,[5][6] hugely enjoying it once raised to peerage.[7] Judeau states that Corkus once tried to win something for himself, but failed and since then had been a part of the Band of the Falcon.[2] When getting ready to kill Guts so as to seize his reward for killing Bazuso, Corkus laments that Bazuso was killed by Guts, as he wanted to eventually slay him and become famous.[3] He is fiercely loyal to Griffith, claiming that Guts' attacks on the Falcon's leader are part of his strategy[8] or that him losing is "a fluke",[9] and that the Falcon is "special"[2] with no equal.[10]

Corkus was depicted as antagonistic toward Guts (oftentimes without provocation), though even he started to fear when Guts broke his sword in the battle against Boscogn[11] and is joyful at the way he can fight Wyald back.[12] Corkus fully expresses his hatred of Guts when the latter decides to leave the band, revealing that he despises Guts due to his supposedly self-centered nature. He claims that he aimed his arrows at Guts' back in several battles, and threatens to kill him if they meet again on a battlefield.[10] The one instance in which he was not directly antagonistic toward Guts is when Guts felt guilty about leaving Griffith. This leads Corkus to reassure Guts that Griffith's imprisonment was not his fault. He also accepts Guts' help to rescue Griffith despite resenting Guts not having been around when the band needed him the most.[13]


At some point Corkus was the leader of a small gang of thieves consisting of ten members. One day Corkus and his gang confronted the by-then budding Band of the Falcon and were easily defeated, after which Corkus became a member of the band.[2] Some time after his enlistment, Corkus and the rest of the band came across a young girl named Casca who despite his disproval of having a kid join them, was accepted into them.[4]

Golden Age Arc[]

Having spotted Guts walking down a road with money in tow after beating Bazuso, Corkus takes a group of mercenaries to kill Guts and take his earnings. He retreats when Dante suffers a lethal blow and Errol has his arm cut off. As he himself is about to be attacked, he is saved by Casca, who goes on to duel Guts.[3] Days later, Corkus laments Griffith's decision to save Guts after the latter's defeat. He urges some crossbowmen to kill the newcomer during his duel against Griffith, but is stopped by Casca, acting on Griffith's orders. As Griffith ends his fight the young mercenary, he states to see Guts' actions as foolish until Casca berates him for facing a target stronger than him. Still, he is quick to mistreat Guts once he is defeated until he is stopped by Griffith. That night, Corkus leads six swordsmen to Guts' tent to kill him in his sleep. Once again, he is dissuaded by Casca, acting on Griffith's orders. When the mercenary brings how Casca had to sleep with Guts, implying further action happened, the woman threatens him, with a frightened Corkus stating it was just a joke. After Guts' first fight with the Band of the Falcon, Corkus is one of the few members who refuse to toast the newcomer's exploits.[14]

Three years later, after Casca has yet another argument with Guts due to his rash behavior against the Black Ram Iron Lance Knights, Corkus notes that Guts is Griffith's favorite, and offers to join her should she want to kill the mercenary. Still, their victory against the Knights earns them to be enlisted by Midland in its century-spanning war against Tudor. When Griffith -as the band's leader- is awarded a knighthood and the title of viscount. Corkus expresses his satisfaction at the band being officially recognized, and Casca explains Corkus what this means for the band as a whole.[5]

During the battle in which the legendary Zodd is said to be in the enemy's forces, he dismisses Rickert's tale.[5], only to learn of the legendary warrior's inhuman self.[15] After the battle he, alongside other band members, wait to see an injured Griffith.[16] Sometime later, Corkus is one of the Band of the Falcon members who protect nobility during the Autumn Hunt. When Guts states finding it ridiculous and preferring to be on the battlefield, Corkus reminds him that it is a privilege for the Band to have been chosen for the guard.[6] Corkus is present during the assassination attempt of Griffith, claiming the Falcon has "the devil's own luck" after learning of how Griffith was saved by his beherit shielding him.[17] As Griffith attends Princess Charlotte's dinner party at Promrose Hall, he dismisses Guts' absence, unaware that Griffith sent him on an assassination mission whilst the band has dinner in a tavern.[18] After the band's confrontation with the Blue Whale Knights, he scoffs at how Guts survived.[19]

Corkus is present during the battle on Doldrey. He expresses his fears about being outnumbered, and feels that Rickert has "flipped out" when the younger mercenary cries out.[20] When Guts is about to lose to Boscogn, Corkus notes there may be a grim outcome, and is astounded when Guts beheads the knight.[20] Corkus is part of the parade across Wyndham after the battle.[21] That night, he, along with other members of the band, attend a formal party. Corkus attempts to mimimize Guts' role in their exploits. Shortly afterward, he is astounded at the news of being ascended to knighthood.[22] During the ball, he is alarmed by the apparent death of Griffith,[23] and emotional after learning he is alive, also reacting at the way Casca embraces the band's leader.[7]

One month later, Corkus and Judeau meet up with Guts and take him to a Wyndham pub to discuss his departure. There, after flirting with a woman and discussing their newfound fame, Corkus berates Guts for throwing away everything he's earned during his time with the band.[7] When Guts divulges his newfound beliefs to the two mercenaries, Corkus finishes disparaging Guts' dream. When Guts asks Corkus whether he has something like that, Corkus leaves the tavern.[2] Later on, he discloses his antagonistic feelings towards Guts, and threatens to kill him if they meet again on a battlefield.[10] When Guts defeats Griffith in a duel deciding the former's fate, Corkus, along with the band members, watches as Guts leaves the band, surprised by the outcome.[24] That night, he is seem drunk, standing by his views on how it had to be a fluke on Griffith's side.[9] The morning after, after Griffith beds Princess Charlotte, the Band of the Falcon is fooled into thinking that they have been ordered to wait in a field by Griffith, with Corkus assuming that Griffith had spent the night out instead of sulking after Guts' loss. They are subsequently attacked by the Midland army. When Corkus fears they will die, Casca takes command to survive.[25]

A year later, Corkus states that, even if they survive, the Band of the Falcon has no meaning without Griffith[25] and is disgruntled upon seeing Guts return to them.[13] At their campsite, Casca splits the Band of the Falcon for their rescue of Griffith. A squad is comprised of Corkus and the rest of the uninjured mercenaries. They all ride together for Wyndham.[26] This squad meets Griffith's rescuers whilst fending off the Black Dog Knights,[27] and takes part in the ensuing fight, not amused by Guts' fighting prowess.[28] When Wyald releases his apostle form, he mistakes him for Zodd[29] and wonders why the band has to face such beings. Later on, he witnesses Wyald's attempt at raping Casca as well as Guts' decision to face the demonic being,[30] being joyful at how he can fight Wyald back and then worried at Guts' seeming defeat.[12] Later on, he is shocked by the revelation of Griffith's sorry state by Wyald[31] and the sudden appearance of Zodd.[32]

Now near Midland's border region, Corkus asks Casca whether Wyald was serious in his declaration. When she does not answer, he decides that he will go to wake Griffith and ask him himself. He is stopped by Judeau, who informs Corkus and the rest of the members who are unaware of the extent of Griffith's injuries, that Griffith will not be able to answer. Corkus laments the end of their hopes of rebuilding the Band of the Falcon after Griffith's return, and he smashes his sword on a rock in a fit of rage. He sits down claiming he knew something like that could happen and, along with every other person present, silently comes to terms with the fact that things were over for them.[33]


Corkus buries himself on a female apostle.

Once Griffith is on the loose, Corkus is the one who notices a solar eclipse is starting.[34] Once they are taken to a temporal junction point, Corkus panics at the bizarreness of the place[35] and feels it has got to be a dream as the God Hand members appear.[36] Along the rest of the Band of the Falcon, Corkus is shocked after learning they will be sacrificed.[37] During the Eclipse, where Griffith agreed to sacrifice the Band of the Falcon, Corkus is branded on the forehead.[38] Corkus stands behind several soldiers, who are all recoiling away from an apostle. He watches in horror as they are all devoured together, leaving him alone against the much larger opponent. He turns to run, but is scratched in the back by the monster, sending him rolling down a hill. At its foot, he comes across yet more apostles, whom he runs away from. Eventually, Corkus is far enough that he believes to have escaped them. Overcome with despair, he convinces himself that the Band of the Falcon, and what he is now facing, are all a dream, and begs for someone to wake him up. He begins to tear up, but just then he sees a female apostle. Despite knowing full well she is not normal, Corkus approaches her and buries his face between her breasts, before she transforms and prepares to kill him.[39] He is later seen devoured by this apostle.[1]


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  • The Berserk Official Guidebook states that Corkus was 20 years old, 173 cm, and 66 kg. (NOTE: The Berserk Official Guidebook is highly questionable in its veracity.)
  • The apostle that kills Corkus is the same one Guts kills in the first episode of the manga.[40]
  • The vignettes featuring a showing-off Corkus in Episode 28 are captioned as "Hulk Hogan" ("ハルク・ホーガン", in Japanese), noting how the mercenary emulates the mannerisms of the real-life wrestler.


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