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Collette was a young human girl whose role differs from the manga and the anime. In the manga, she and her father, Adolf were travelling along when they met Guts and Puck after the events in Koka.[1]


Collette was shown to have mid-length, light (auburn in the 1997 anime, blonde in the 2016 anime) hair with bangs just above her eyebrows cut to cross evenly from eye to eye. She was depicted as a young girl. Her clothes consisted of a long dress (blue in the 1997 anime, which turned a light brown after her initial appearance when she was thrown to the ground) fitted with a corset-styled vest for the upper body. In the 1997 anime, both her vest and her shoes were yellow.


Collette was shown to be a calm-hearted girl, showing a fascination with Guts. She was shown to have a caring personality and was very kindhearted toward Puck.[1]

In the 1997 anime, Collette is shown to be a very timid girl and is reluctant to submit to the torment she's forced to go through. She is also shown to be a caring granddaughter when she sees what happens to her grandfather just because he tried to stop the bandits from mistreating her.


Black Swordsman Arc[]

Amidst a rainstorm, a man offers Guts a lift, with the swordsman eventually agreeing after being offered twice. After Guts refuses the offer of homemade wine inside the wagon, Collette questions his prosthetic arm before she and her father introduce themselves to the swordsman. Accepting a blanket from Collette to not catch a cold, Guts decides to sleep. Later, Guts wakes up from a nightmare caused by an incubus. Once Guts kills the being, Puck's reaction wakes Collette up. As Guts explains to the amazed family that a being is born from the mixture of blood and sexual fluids from a person who had died with hatred and malice, the swordsman concludes that there must have been deaths around them, so the spirits haunting him will reanimate the corpses of the dead to attack.[1]


Guts bisects Collette's corpse.

The wagon's horses get agitated from sensing the spirits, so Collette jumps out to calm them as Guts warns her to get back inside. Before Guts can approach her, Collette is killed when she is impaled by a spear that one of the emerging ghost-possessed skeletons wields. As Guts fends off the skeletons, Collette's corpse is animated by spirits to be used to decapitate her horrified father and then stab Guts, frozen in shock. Instinctively, Guts bisects Collette with a single swing and her torso is sent flying. Guts vomits in revulsion before resuming his battle against the skeletons until sunrise.[1]


  • In the 1997 anime, Adolf is rewritten as her grandfather. Collette lives in Koka and replaces the role of Puck in the storyline.
    • In the events of the manga, Puck is being used as target practice for Igor, a member of the bandits, until Guts kills each member and saves Puck (inadvertently), but in the anime (1997), she is being assaulted in the bar when Guts kills her assailants, except one, who he orders to go to the former's master and tell him that the Black Swordsman is coming.


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