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The chimimoryo.

This particular astral creature is briefly encountered by the Black Swordsman Party during their visit to the Qliphoth. According to Schierke, it is of the kind chimimoryo (魑魅魍魎ちみもうりょう; literally "evil spirit(s) of mountains and rivers").


Millennium Falcon Arc[]

As the Black Swordsman Party approaches the Qliphoth, the chimimoryo stands in front of the entry point of the region. Schierke, noticing the creature's seeming unwillingness to move out of the group's way, uses thought projection to influence the creature to waddle elsewhere. Despite the chimimoryo thereafter being out of the group's immediate path, Puck and Ivalera gang up on the creature, causing it to trip and fall over an unearthed tree root.[1]


This creature, though having only appeared in one episode of the Berserk manga (namely episode 215 "Qliphoth"), has taken a life of its own out-of-universe, and has been referred to by the greater Berserk community as "Schnoz" since early 2003.[2] Much of the chimimoryo's renown is the product of a decades-spanning meme. As such, the chimimoryo has become an iconic aspect within the Berserk fandom.


  • The origin of "Schnoz" as a conjectural name for the chimimoryo can be traced back to two early 2003 posts on the Berserk fansite most primarily a discussion thread titled "The Schnoz Dance"[3] and most originally a reply in an episode 215 discussion thread.[2] Both posts were by prominent English-speaking Berserk community figure Walter Bennet, who created and operates


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