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I don't care how I look. The warm fireplace, the waiting servants, I don't need them. It's alright if he can't speak. I'm sure even his wounds will heal. We'll be together.
– Charlotte[6]

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham is the princess of Midland.[1][2]


Charlotte is a demure and socially distant princess who is soft-spoken and polite.[7][8][9][10] Her father states she is shy, rarely venturing outside Wyndham's palace.[2] She remained loyal to Griffith after his torture and resulting deformity.[6] Even though she almost dismisses the way Griffith saves her from Ganishka due to how much it resembles a childish dream,[11] she officially proclaimed herself as his fiancée after his return.[1] She has a disdain for wars and hunting, seeing it as nothing but men enjoying the shed of blood.[12] She also dislikes the way lavish parties are held during war times.[13] Despite seeing herself as a "sheltered girl who does not know anything or cannot do anything"[7] and "might just be a burden"[14], she is a very strong-willed individual; defending her decision to give her favor to Griffith from her mother,[3] relaying information to the Band of the Falcon as a spy, bribing a guard during a rescue mission,[7] stopping a poisoned dart from killing Griffith,[6] and after the formation of Falconia, drafted a legislation for orphanages.[10] It is noted by Casca that, despite being the princess of a kingdom, she does not have the characteristic high-handed bearing of royalty or nobility, being cheerful and kind instead. Charlotte apologizes to Casca and the Band of the Falcon for what her father did to Griffith.[7]

Charlotte came to hate her father for his year-long imprisonment and brutal torture of Griffith after he discovered that Charlotte slept with him. She ceased to consider him her father when he attempted to rape her.[14] Still, she cried when he died.[15]


Charlotte is highly skilled in the art of embroidery[16] and is able to cook confections on the battlefield (with some help from Anna).[8] Similarly, she is skilled at brewing and serving tea.[17] She was able to fight off her father and landed blows that left him bloody.[18] Her reflexes were quick enough to spot and block a poisonous dart to protect Griffith.[6] She also shows a certain physical fragility: although she does her best to keep up with the Band of the Falcon as they were escaping, but she needs to be carried by Guts after a scare from a prison inmate.[19] Previously, witnessing Griffith's apparent assassination made her faint.[20]


Golden Age Arc[]

Manga E7 Griffith Catches Charlotte

Griffith breaks Charlotte's fall.

Charlotte met Griffith after her father met the young man while he was healing from his encounter with Nosferatu Zodd. While following after her father, Charlotte tripped and Griffith caught her by her waist to prevent her fall. Her uncle Julius struck Griffith for touching the princess. The King, Julius, their accompanying guards leave, and Charlotte and Griffith exchange a quick glance before she heads off with them.[2] Later, during the Autumn Hunt, Charlotte met him again. Noticing her disdain for the hunt, and by extension war, seeing it as nothing but men enjoying the shed of blood. Griffith does not respond, but instead plucks a leaf from a nearby tree and uses it to whistle. He promptly teaches Charlotte the technique when she tries and fails to do it, and they savor each other's company. When a wild boar sprung out from the nearby foliage, Charlotte's horse startled. Griffith gave chase, caught up with her and calmed her horse away from the hunting party. Charlotte expresses her shock, but she quickly straightens herself. As Griffith prepares to lead her horse back, a crossbow bolt suddenly struck Griffith in the chest.[12] The Band of the Falcon rushes over. As Casca attends to Griffith, Guts interrogates Charlotte, who cannot answer his questions. Everyone's attention is drawn back to Griffith, who tells everyone to remain calm. Griffith then reveals that the bolt impacted his beherit, leaving him unharmed. Charlotte, dismounted from her horse, apologizes to Griffith for her lack of equestrianism skills. While this constituted an assassination attempt on Griffith engineered by Julius and his allies, some Band of the Falcon members and nobles and commoners alike assumed that an unknown Tudor Empire assassin targeted the princess.[21]

Later, Charlotte hosts a dinner party at Promrose Hall. Griffith, who attends it, shares a moment outside with her, one that is seen from afar by Guts and Casca. He offers her a seat on his cape on a fountain's edge, which she accepts. Charlotte tells Griffith that the party was her father's idea, as a way of distracting themselves from the long war between Midland and Tudor. She states she dislikes these parties, finding them a bother and noting that it would be better if they just ended the war. Griffith recalls their Autumn Hunt conversation, and he tells her his ideals. Griffith apologizes to Charlotte for rambling, but she is absorbed in Griffith's words. She admits that upon first seeing Griffith, she thought he was high-born, and could not believe he was a commoner. She is amazed that Griffith displays all the magnificence of a noble, is as down-to-earth as a child and speaks like a philosopher. She wonders aloud whether it's this aspect of him that seems to attract all his friends. From afar, Casca clenches her fist. Griffith then sinks into another monologue. When Griffith and Charlotte gaze into each other's eyes, Casca turns away. The two are then interrupted by a maidservant and informed about the murder of Julius and Adonis, which, unbeknownst to Charlotte, Griffith arranged.[13]

As the time for a campaign which could end the Hundred-Year War nears, Griffith readies to leave for the battlefield. Charlotte calls out for him to wait. She gifts Griffith with a lodestone necklace carved in the shape of a knight. She is in possession of the other lodestone, shaped like a noblewoman, and says that the lodestones, which are attracted magnetically to each other, will safely bring Griffith back from the upcoming battle. Griffith accepts the gift and promises to return it to her after he returns. Charlotte asks Casca, who has ducked behind a large flowerpot, to keep Griffith safe. After Griffith and Casca leave, Charlotte is intercepted by her stepmother, the Queen of Midland, who chastises her for offering gifts to a commoner like Griffith. Unable to reason with the Queen, Charlotte escapes deeper into the castle, dejected.[3] As the war is over, the Band of the Falcon are being greeted by the citizens of Midland, who celebrate their victory at Doldrey. Charlotte, who had barely eaten since the Band was deployed, becomes nervous and cheers up as the mercenaries march by her balcony. Much to her disappointment, Griffith doesn't notice Charlotte calling down to him.[22] Charlotte is one of the attendants of a banquet thrown in the Band of the Falcon's honor, and attempts to wave at Griffith.[23] She cheers when the King of Midland awards the Band of the Falcon with the highest ennoblement title, renaming them White Phoenix Knights with Griffith as a general and promoting unit commanders to knighthoods and raised to the peerage. The Princess is affected by the apparently death of Griffith: her legs buckle, and she falls to her knees, dazed[24] and passing out, only to wake up to the news of the death of the Queen.[20] Several days later, she attends the funeral of her stepmother, killed by Griffith's doing.[25]

Manga E38 Seduction

Griffith seduces Charlotte.

Months later, in Wyndham, Charlotte looks longingly outside her window into the rainy night. Her handmaidens consider her apparent depression to be the result of the cumulative deaths of Julius, Adonis and the Queen of Midland. When the handmaidens are dismissed and Charlotte turns away from the window, she is startled by a knock by Griffith. After telling the close handmaidens it was nothing, she allows him in. Griffith greets her cordially, but he is nevertheless hugged by Charlotte, who tells him that she was scared while he was away, to the point of having nightmares in which he died on the battlefield. She laments that, upon the happy event of his return, her stepmother had died on the same night without coming to terms with her. When asked why did not Griffith visit her, Griffith holds her tightly and kisses her.[20] Despite her initial surprise, she loses herself in the kiss. When Griffith moves her to the bed despite her negative reaction and notices her shaking, he instructs her to cast away all her fears and sadness as he removes her dress. Soon, they progress into having sex. Charlotte moans, but Griffith remains silent, thinking of Guts' departure. Their coitus finished, Charlotte falls asleep. The next morning, Charlotte awakes to an empty bedchamber and finds is the lodestone knight she had given to Griffith; he has returned it like he had promised. Charlotte peeks under her bed's covers, where she sees blood.[26]

One of Charlotte's handmaidens heard noises coming from within her room. Having peered through her bedroom's key hole, she saw Griffith and Charlotte having sex and reported it to the King, who barges into her room. Charlotte tries to make him leave, but the King notices the broken blood vessels on her neck and the rainwater on the floor. He yanks the covers of the bed back and spots the blood. Understanding the situation, the King looks at Charlotte and utters her name.[26] This leads to Griffith's arrest and imprisonment in the Tower of Rebirth. During his interrogation, Griffith understands why the King never made any political marriage arrangements for Charlotte and deduces the king's lust for his daughter. The King then orders his permanent imprisonment with torture. After ordering his guards to ensure the secrecy of Griffith's transgression to the point of killing those who spread rumors of his daughter's having sex with Griffith, the King leaves. He visits Charlotte in her room, his daughter having been sedated from crying. The King looks over Charlotte, considering the fact that Griffith has seen and experienced every part of her body. Trembling, the King unlaces Charlotte's gown so as to see her breasts. He is overcome with lust, and Charlotte wakes to the touch of her father's tongue to her nipple.[5] She screams and pushes him aside, trembling. He is briefly apologetic before he climbs over her, restrains her wrists, and tries to force her legs apart, an act which earns him a kick in the face from his daughter. With the sudden injury to his eye causing debilitation, he runs from Charlotte's room. Charlotte collapses on her bed, pleading for Griffith to save her.[18] Afterwards, she shut herself in her room. When her father attempted to enter, she screamed and stopped talking to him.[27]


Charlotte taking a Bakiraka dart meant for Griffith.

A year later, with her loyal handmaiden Anna assisting her while learning where Griffith is held, Charlotte aids a group of Band of the Falcon members consisting of Guts, Casca, Judeau, and Pippin to rescue Griffith. Suddenly, two guards wander into the area. Guts and Judeau prepare to fight, but Charlotte moves in front of them, preventing the light of the guards' torches from reaching their faces. She convinces the guards that she was simply taking a nighttime stroll. By request from the princess, Anna moves forward and bribes the guards to keep their secret. The guards leave. Charlotte collapses out of nerves, having never bluffed the way she just did. She wonders whether she acted out of her devotion to Griffith. Eventually, the group comes to an ancient, large and imposing tower. Judeau explains that the tower, called the Tower of Rebirth, and the prison which is housed far beneath it, have allegedly existed since before Midland's conception. Charlotte says that Griffith is being kept in the prison's lowest level. As Casca makes to thank and excuse Charlotte from their company, Judeau pulls her aside and urges her to keep Charlotte around, as she would make a valuable hostage should the need arise. Charlotte overhears them, and asks of her own volition to be invited along with them.[7] Anna, who doesn't know that the King assaulted the Princess, begs Charlotte to consider how hurt her father would be if he found out Charlotte vanished. Charlotte responds that she no longer thinks of him as her father. She asks Casca again, saying that while she doesn't make for a skilled warrior, and she does not know much about the world outside Wyndham, she would endure being a hostage for Griffith. Casca declines, but Charlotte accepts none of her reasons and begins to throw a loud tantrum, and her mouth is comically covered by everyone present. Casca ultimately decides to bring her along on the condition that she must leave if so ordered by Griffith, after he is found.[14]

As the group descends, Charlotte is frightened by a prisoner, and she can no longer move. The Princess accepts an offer from Guts to be carried on his back. Guts asks how far down the hole stretches. Charlotte explains that while the prison and tower were built relatively recently, and are about the same vertical height only on opposite sides of the ground level, the hole itself is much older. She then reccounts the story of Gaiseric, a warlord who often wore a skull-shaped helmet to battle. Once Judeau continues the story, Charlotte continues, maintaining that the capital city which now-Emperor Gaiseric forced to have built did exist, and still does at the bottom. She also adds that the current Midland royal family are allegedly all that remains of Gaiseric's bloodline. Eventually, the group arrive at Griffith's cell. Charlotte bangs on the door and calls to Griffith, but there is no answer. Casca then unlocks and opens the cell door.[19] After learning of the sorry state of the Falcon, a distraught Charlotte wants to know what happened to him, only to be held back by Pippin.[28] As Guts gets rid of the guards summoned by the jailer, Charlotte finally gets closer to Griffith. Then, Casca asks her whether she can go on. With her affirmative nod, Casca orders Pippin to carry Griffith outside. After leaving the Tower of Rebirth, a wizened king of Midland orders his guards not to fire, fearing for his daughter's safety. In anger, he sees that Griffith and Charlotte are running away together.[29] The monarch then summons a group of hired assassins known as the Bakiraka, urging them to kill Griffith and bring Charlotte safe and sound. Meanwhile, Casca notices how frightened Charlotte is of Guts' bloodstained appearance, so Casca wipes his face with a handkerchief. The group heads back into the escape tunnel. Charlotte apologizes to Anna and makes her clothes less bothersome. She ponders on how superflous luxuries are as long as she can be with Griffith, even if he cannot fully heal.[6]

It is then that the mercenaries start their ambush. The princess mistakes them for monsters, but Judeau correcly identifies them as assassins. Charlotte notices a Bakiraka aiming a blowgun at Griffith and intercepts the dart with her arm. After being struck by the dart,[6] a Bakiraka offers the group an exchange: they are to hand Charlotte over, and in return the Bakiraka will guarantee her life is spared. The dark was a poisoned one, and the assassins have the antidote, vaguely revealing her death is not in their best interest. Casca authorizes the trade, and Anna brings Charlotte over to the Bakiraka. Charlotte reaches for Griffith before she leaves, and he mouths something only she can hear, which reassures her.[30] Later, the female Bakiraka is executed by the King of Midland for her failure in letting Charlotte get hurt. The King then assumed Anna cooperated with Charlotte, but the latter states she forced the handmaid to be part of it and asks the King to forgive Anna. His understanding façade changes when Chalotte then asks the King to let Griffith escape, having suffered enough during his year-long imprisonment. The King, after a moment of silence, acquiesces to her request. She is then taken to the palace, unaware that the king has no intent to keep his word.[31]

When she wakes up in her bedchamber, Charlotte sees Anna and asks her where she is and what happened to Griffith. The handmaiden replies that there have been no reports of his recapture. Anna leaves, but not before Charlotte stops her to apologize for causing her grief. Out of Charlotte's bedchamber, Anna cannot find it in herself to tell Charlotte that the Band of the Falcon is being pursued. Charlotte leaves her bed and opens her window, bringing memories back of a year prior when Griffith had knocked on it. She thinks back to Griffith's words to her in the escape tunnel during his break out - a promise that he would return. Charlotte focuses her vision on what she assumes is a bird. The creature in question is none other than Zodd.[32]

Conviction Arc[]


Griffith retains his influence over Charlotte despite the fact that he'd been chased away two years prior.

For the past two years, Charlotte did not leave the palace prior. On his deathbed, the King of Midland asks for Charlotte. The court doctor orders Owen to fetch her. As he passes through the court, Owen overhears the nobles whisper that Charlotte will soon be made Queen, seeing as the King is so near death. They suspect that Charlotte will appoint a regent in her place. Owen is then restricted access to her room by her handmaidens. They explain that Charlotte has barricaded herself in her room for the past five days and refuses to leave. She only lets one person into her room - Anna. Inside her room, Charlotte is laying on her bed, clutching the two lodestone figures. Owen addresses her through the door, asking her to be beside the King of Midland as he dies, per the King's command. Charlotte begins to cry and refuses to go, saying that she doesn't think of the King as her father anymore. The King, meanwhile, is having a dying vision of guards keeping him away from Charlotte (whom he sees as a source of warmth) and a flying hawk who wraps its wings around Charlotte. Its head morphs into Griffith's. As he dies, a weeping Charlotte begs Griffith to save her.[15]

Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc[]

Charlotte had gone missing by the time of the Kushan Empire invasion.[33] Foss reveals to the Arklow Knights that she is alive, though imprisoned on the highest floor of the Tower of Rebirth.[34] Later, Emperor Ganishka makes his way to Charlotte's room, where the princess is practicing embroidery in the presence of Anna. Ganishka orders Anna removed from the room and asks Charlotte whether she is ready to bear his child. Though uncomfortable, Charlotte will not relent even when Ganishka says that by their having a child together will end the violence between the Kushan Empire and Midland. As such, Ganishka decides to force matters, grabbing Charlotte and throwing her on her bed. Charlotte has a flashback of her attempted rape at her father's hands. She cowers and struggles as Ganishka holds her down and attempts to remove her gown, but he stops when she calls out for Griffith. It is only at this moment that Ganishka notices that all of her embroideries depict an idealized Griffith. He makes the connection that Charlotte and Griffith are lovers and leaves the room.[35]


Charlotte meets Griffith again.

Some time later, Charlotte is making another embroidery while Anna stares out the window, unaware that the thunderclaps she hears and the sounds around the castle are really the result of lightning attacks made by Ganishka against the New Band of the Falcon. Worried that Charlotte's constant embroidering is bad for the princess' health, Anna asks her to go to bed. Charlotte complies, but once Anna leaves the room, Charlotte fetches her equipment to continue her embroidery in bed. A sudden gust of wind alerts Charlotte to the open window. She looks up to see that there is a man in her room, though she cannot make out who it is. Fearing for her life, Charlotte presses her embroidery of Griffith's face to her own, only to find that the shadow of the man fits that of Griffith.[36] Another gust of wind blows her bed's curtains away, and she comes face-to-face with a Griffith in his prime. Griffith apologizes to Charlotte for intruding. Charlotte can hardly believe that Griffith is standing before her, almost dismissing the whole event due to how much it resembles a childish dream. She looks up at Griffith, crying and telling him not to disappear like he did. Griffith sits next to Charlotte and takes hold of her hand, her index finger now bloody due to having pricked it on her embroidery needle. Griffith tells the story of a princess who, when her finger was pricked with a needle, fell into a deep sleep. He then sucks the blood from Charlotte's finger, saying that she's just now woken up. Crying tears of joy, Charlotte embraces Griffith. A Kushan guard wakes Anna, informing her that Charlotte is calling for her. Charlotte greets her, passes her a cloak, and instructs her to wait on the bed. As Charlotte fastens her own cloak and joins Anna, she explains that Griffith gave specific instructions to remain on the bed while he enacts a plan. Anna is on the verge of dismissing Charlotte's words as mere confusion from having woken from a dream when the room's ceiling explodes. Locus orders his forces to withdraw from battle. Becoming suspicious, Ganishka turns his attention to the Tower of Rebirth and floats his way over to it. Once close enough, he notices that the section of roof that covered the room has been completely removed, and Charlotte is nowhere to be seen; the attack, he realizes, was a diversion. Charlotte and Anna are sitting on Charlotte's bed, now carried by a transformed Zodd. Charlotte feels the breeze around her, noting that the finger Griffith pressed his lips to is still warm.[11]

Charlotte is seen again in the camp of the Band of the Falcon baking confections alongside Anna. She intends to use them as a reason to see Griffith, but Anna says that if she wishes to see Griffith, she should simply do so. Charlotte expresses that it would only serve to distract him from his duties. When Charlotte departs, Anna notes that Charlotte hasn't been so happy since before the Kushan invasion. Charlotte notices Griffith standing on a hill. Likening him to a painting, she feels she must not even touch him. Before she can reach Griffith, Sonia runs up the hill and greets Griffith. Eventually, Sonia notices Charlotte watching them. Charlotte nervously steps forward and presents her baked goods. Sonia snatches them and hands them out to everyone but Charlotte. Griffith compliments Charlotte's baking skills. Knowing what Charlotte is attempting, Mule drags Sonia away, pointing to Charlotte's torment now eased by having been reunited with her lover.[8]

As the Band returns from the stalement against Kushan near Vritannis, Griffith claims they are under direct control of the royal house. Midland nobles demand to know how Griffith can claim authority if whereabouts of the only known living member of the royal family, Princess Charlotte, are unknown. It is then that she arrives. Her appearance causes an uproar among most of the nobles, and those originally of Midland bow before her. She is suddenly flustered and anxious, but Griffith puts a reassuring hand on her own. After a moment, Charlotte announces that she and Griffith are now betrothed, and by her authority, he has been made supreme commander of the Midland Regular Army.[1] Asking for the nobles to join them to recapture Midland, they insist she has made her decisions without proper consideration or their advice. Their protests are silenced by Owen, who tells his fellow nobles that they are to obey her will: while they were hiding, Griffith worked to free Midland and rescue Charlotte. Federico addresses Griffith and Charlotte. He tells them that the war against the Kushan also has a religious facet, making it the war of the Holy See, not just Midland. Federico's reasoning has Charlotte at a loss for words, but this is rendered moot when the Pontiff himself shows devotion to Griffith.[9] The next morning, the Band of the Falcon make their way to Wyndham. Charlotte rides in the Pontiff's carriage and warns him that exposing himself to the weather outside could be detrimental to his health. He assures her that he will not die until he marries her and Griffith.[37]

Charlotte is present during the battle with Ganishka's spawn.[38][39][40][41][42] Griffith asks the Midland nobles to protect Charlotte, the Pontiff and the people of Midland. He then asks Sonia to remain with the pontiff and Charlotte, and Mule to personally protect the three.[38] She is also present during the Great Wave of the Astral World[43] and the establishment of Falconia.[44]

Fantasia Arc[]

Charlotte attends the mass funeral services for those who died en route to Falconia.[45] With the mass over, Griffith, Charlotte, Sonia, Mule, and the Pontiff, in the company of a few guards, settle in a garden gazebo, where everyone is served tea and cake by Charlotte. Charlotte states she is having flowers from all lands brought there. The Pontiff compliments the tea, and she warns him not to overwork himself. The conversation then moves on to Charlotte's upcoming wedding to Griffith, and Sonia suffers a drop in temperament, demanding cake from Charlotte. When Rickert arrives with Locus, Charlotte wonders who he is. Rickert, however, recognizes Charlotte, and he deduces that she and Griffith are still together. She is shocked when Rickert slaps Griffith across the face.[17] When Charlotte approaches the Falcon once Rickert leaves, Griffith smiles and says he's been rejected.[46]

She is present during the council of Falconia officials, approving of the recent victory against the jötnar. Minister Foss discusses the issue of the nation's orphans and presents Princess Charlotte's proposal to build an orphanage. Much to her dismay, some present ministers contest, given the nation's current budget. Griffith counters, and she cheers. After the meeting concludes, Griffith reconvenes with Charlotte, reassuring her of his support of and belief in her proposal. She states she wishes to take the garden flowers and plant them at the orphanage as a way to soothe the children. A blushing Charlotte replies to the way Griffith likens her to the mother of the nation, wondering if that would make him the father. With no military plans for the afternoon, Griffith is invited by Charlotte for tea. Later at night, Charlotte is seen sleeping in the nude, with Griffith sitting in a window sill in a full moon's light.[10]


  • The Berserk Official Guidebook states that circa the Fantasia Arc, Charlotte is 20 years old, 162 cm, and 50 kg.(NOTE: The Berserk Official Guidebook is highly questionable in its veracity.)
    • As one year had passed after Charlotte was 17 around the time she had sex with Griffith,[5] she was 18 by the end of Golden Age Arc.[47]
  • Her face is noted to resemble her late mother's.[5]
  • In the 1997 anime series, Charlotte stayed behind, instead of accompanying the Band of the Falcon to the Tower of Rebirth to rescue Griffith.
  • Charlotte is the only surviving member of the Midland royal family.[34][1]
  • Julius stated that Adonis could marry his cousin, Princess Charlotte, and rule all Midland.[4]
  • Judeau was able to notice that Charlotte was in love with Griffith. He was perceptive enough to see that, with Griffith's anointment as White Phoenix General, the only method of further ascension left for the Falcon was through the betrothal of Princess Charlotte, leaving no room for a devoted Casca at Griffith's side.[48] Casca herself knew that their marriage would be the fastest way for Griffith to become the king of Midland, meaning she would no longer be needed to the realization of his dream.[49] Despite that, Casca resented being jealous of Charlotte.[7]
  • One year after assaulting Charlotte, the King realised he had commited a deed "lower than even a devil's" against her, mad with jealousy. Despite that, he blamed Griffith for "stealing" her away with his words.[27]
  • Charlotte is represented as a duck princess in the allegorical tale Sonia narrates to Schierke in Vritannis. In this story, the "timid" ducks (Midland nobles) wanted the white falcon (Griiffith) and the princess to mate so that they would have a strong tie to the falcon. Sonia, representing herself as a "young kite", is not amused,[50] exemplifying her jealousy towards Charlotte.[8][9][10]
  • The news of Charlotte being alive and well reached Wyndham through Laban. They inspired the creation of multiple other resistance groups across Midland.[9] Owen notes that Griffith's being so close to Charlotte gives him the impression that Griffith is without equal.[37]


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