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Charles is an apostle exclusive to Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō.


Charles appears as a young, well-dressed nobleman in a feathered hat.


Unlike many apostles, Charles does not appear to actively hunt for human flesh and is rather isolated and introverted, even from the truth that surrounds his past. This is shown when, after a fire destroys his home and takes the lives of his parents, Charles uses his illusory powers to recreate the manor he lost, as well as his sister (who he believes survived the fire) in hopes of resuming life as he had before the incident. It is further implied that Charles sacrificed his sister to become an apostle, though since he did not know what he had sacrificed to become an apostle, he must have done so unknowingly, making him the first example of an apostle who has done so. Although it may also be the case that he has simply blocked out the memories of his sacrifice, as evidenced by the heavy denial he exhibits in his confrontation with Guts.


Charles was brought up in a noble family with a younger sister. His family lived happily until a fire destroyed their house, killing both of his parents. A wounded Charles grabbed onto a nearby beherit and was told that he would have to sacrifice something. Returning to the physical world, Charles was able to reclaim the mansion that just burned down, but wondered what he had to sacrifice. He was told, presumably by the God Hand, that he would know soon.


Encounter with Guts[]

After Guts rescues Casca from Albion, he journeys back to Godot's cottage. En route, he encounters a voice that shouts at him to go away, in the direction of an isolated mansion in the middle of the woods. Casca bangs on the doors to the mansion, however, and Guts follows her. Charles then appears, and angry that Guts had trespassed into his mansion and broken his solitude, assails him with illusions of the Band of the Falcon fighting him. Guts overcomes these illusions, however, and ultimately Charles is forced to fight him himself, transforming into his apostle form and claiming that the only one who was left after his tragedy was his sister. Guts, however, concludes that Charles sacrificed his sister, and Charles, unwilling to face the truth, attempts to kill Guts, but is killed instead.


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