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Casca Post-Eclipse Manga





Golden Age 4


Episode 2

Japanese voice

Yuko Miyamura (Anime series and videogame)
Toa Yukinari (Movies)

English voice

Carrie Keranen (Anime series and movies)
BJ Ward (Videogame)



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Guts' New Party

Previous affiliation

Band of the Hawk

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Casca (キャスカ Kyasuka) is the female protagonist of the series, and was the only female member in the Band of the Hawk.


Casca is introduced as a beautiful shorter, slender woman with dark skin, brown eyes and short black hair. Post-eclipse, her appearance is only altered by shoulder length hair and the Brand of Sacrifice on the left side of her chest.


As a young lowborn girl Casca considered hardships such as starvation and abduction to be a normal fact of peasant life. However, after having nearly been raped by a noble she chose to fight back before being aided by an onlooking Griffith who offered her a sword to defend herself. Killing the noble herself she then insisted on following Griffith becoming a stoic, hardened, and immensely loyal warrior in the process. Such was her dedication that it was little secret that she would willingly give her own life for his cause. Casca's cold demeanor masks her own inner personal demons resultant of her traumatic childhood and the challenges faced to her because of her gender. Incredibly devoted to Griffith's cause, she immediately despises Guts for overtaking her as Griffith's most trusted subordinate even going so far as to claim that she once desired to kill him for taking everything from her. Subsequent to Griffith's imprisonment she spent a year as acting as leader of the the outlawed Band of the Hawk in Griffith and Guts' absence which caused her to grow even more embittered with the latter; the two eventually reconcile however and come to acknowledge their relationship as more than just that of mere comrades fighting on the battlefield.

Following the Eclipse, Casca's personality is completely erased, her speech and sanity robbed, and any approaches made by a man, whether or not it with predatory intent, trigger violent flashbacks to her violation at the hands of the demon Femto. When several bandits set upon her and attempted to rape her, she frantically killed all of them in response and even attacked Guts in a fit of panic. Casca was shown to have felt relatively safe around Guts having recognised him as a protector, but later grew to fear him after he attacked her while possessed. She also seems to possess a strong maternal instinct, as shown when she attempted to protect her child from an enraged Guts who didn't know that the child was his too. She seems to have regained partial lucidity over time; this was seen when the party was hiding from the enemy and they needed to be quiet; she hushed Manifico when he raised his voice.




  • Her name means shell in Portuguese, referencing her status as a hollow shell of her former self later on the story.
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