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Campfire of Dreams


Episode 5 (1997 Anime)

Japanese voice

Ikuya Sawaki (tv)
Takayuki Sugo (movies)

English voice

Richard Springle (tv)
T.J. Storm (movies)









Boscogn (ボスコーン Bosucōn?) was the commander of the Tudor Empire's forces and the Purple Rhino Knights; he was renowned as the most powerful Tudor soldier.

Appearance Edit

Boscogn appeared to be a veteran warrior, and was never without his armor or the company of his knights. Elaborately constructed, his set of silver armor jutted outwards in spikes at the shoulders and elbows, giving him a grand and intimidating aura. Around his middle, a belt and buckle secured the armor in place. His physique was that of a sturdy, well-built man, and underneath his rhino like helm, he had no hair or coarse facial features. Mostly covered, his purple coat was only visible as a collar around his neck. His weapon of choice was a bardiche. 

Personality Edit

Boscogn followed authority; he prioritized fulfilling the orders of his superiors above his own initiative, no matter how sound his tactics may have been. While he demonstrated great skill as a warrior and tactician during the battle of Doldrey, he was out-ranked by Gennon and consequently did not command the battlefield according to his own strategy. He despised cowards, such as Adon Coborlwitz, who let their men fight and die for their sake and displayed bravery and valor on the battlefield, intuitively identifying the "Hundred Man Slayer" as Guts after sharing several strikes and fearlessly engaging in battle with him. Boscogn was also disgusted at Gennon's pederast tendencies, deeming them as "petty, vulgar tastes". [1]

Abilities and Skills Edit

He was a powerful and well-known veteran warrior whose physical strength and skill were also recognized by Guts, who described fighting him as "worse than fighting a hundred men", although the swordsman was ultimately victorious. He was strong enough to bisect and kill multiple soldiers with a single strike of his bardiche.

Equipment Edit

Boscogn's weapon of choice was a bardiche, which he wielded skillfully while being mounted.

Story Edit

This section requires expansion.

Notes Edit

  • His death in the second Golden Age Arc film differs from that of the 1997 anime and the manga. In the former, Guts' sword never breaks during their duel. Consequently, Zodd never appears to aid the swordsman by throwing his own sword from atop a hill. Instead, Guts picks up a broken Band of the Falcon banner and uses it as a distraction with his off hand, decapitating Boscogn as well as his steed once the man lets his guard down.

References Edit

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