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Boscogn is the general of the Purple Rhino Knights.[2] He is said to be the mightiest knight in all of Tudor.[1]


Boscogn despises cowards, such as Adon Coborlwitz, who let their men fight and die for their sake. He greatly enjoys the thought of facing the Band of the Falcon due to their challenging nature.[2] Boscogn intuitively identifies the "Hundred Man Slayer" as Guts after sharing several strikes and engaging in battle with him.[3] While he demonstrates skill as a warrior and tactician during the battle of Doldrey, he is out-ranked by Gennon. Consequently, he follows authority no matter how sound his tactics may have been.[3] Boscogn is also disgusted at Gennon's pederast tendencies, deeming them as "petty, vulgar tastes".[4]


Boscogn's weapon of choice is a bardiche pole-axe. His moves are precise, enough to hurt close targets without killing them.[2] When facing Guts, the clash of their weapons is too fast to be perceived by the soldiers watching them. Guts describes fighting him as worse than fighting Adon's hundred mercenaries.[5] He is strong enough to bisect and kill multiple soldiers with a single strike of his weapon.[1]


Boscogn is first seen within Doldrey, berating Adon after losing an entire mercenary troop and his own brother for the sake of settling a grudge. Boscogn then revokes his commanding status for the rest of the war. After hearing reports on how the attacker was one man, Boscogn meets Gennon, who comments on his tone. After excusing himself, Gennon informs the commander of an attempt to capture Doldrey by the Band of the Falcon. Boscogn expresses his interest in such challenging foes. Gennon orders him not to kill Griffith, and to bring him back alive.[2]

In the pre-battle stillness, Boscogn doesn't think too highly of Griffith's decision to place his band between the Purple Rhino Knights and a river, leaving them with nowhere to run. Boscogn wonders whether there is a connection between Griffith and Gennon, but doesn't ponder the matter for too long, choosing instead to defeat the enemy regardless of Griffith's potental death. As the Band of the Falcon advances, Boscogn is confused by the band splitting their already tiny force into two, but isn't dismayed.[4] Guts charges against Boscogn. The clash results in the severing of the ornamental horns on Boscogn's helmet. This clash makes the general muse on how Adon's story is not that farfetched, realising that Guts was the man who killed Adon's mercenaries. Still, he orders his men to arrange formation and force them back. Once the Band of the Falcon withdraws, Boscogn is suspicious of the reasons behind their retreat. Having noticed the ferocity with which Boscogn is fighting, and worried that he will kill Griffith, accidentally or not, Gennon joins the battle and orders their pursuit despite Boscogn's concerns about military discipline. Having no other choice, Boscogn orders the knights to pursue the enemy.[3]

When Gennon is informed that his soldiers cannot reach Griffith because of Guts, Boscogn steps in to face the mercenary.[5] At one point, he snaps Guts' sword and makes him dismount. When Boscogn prepares to charge against Guts, several Band of the Falcon members attempt to intercept Boscogn's attack, but he cuts them down with no loss of momentum. When a mysterious horseman on a distant cliff throws his sword across the impossible distance, it lands directly in front of Guts. Wielding it, the mercenary manages to block Boscogn's charge. In one swing, Guts takes off Boscogn's head, and also that of his horse.[1]


  • His death in the second Golden Age Arc film differs from that of the 1997 anime and the manga. In the former, Guts' sword never breaks during their duel. Consequently, Zodd never appears to aid the swordsman by throwing his own sword from atop a hill. Instead, Guts picks up a broken Band of the Falcon banner and uses it as a distraction with his off hand, decapitating Boscogn as well as his steed once the man lets his guard down.