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The Blue Whale Knights (or Blue Whale Ultra Heavy Armored Fierce Assault Annihilation Knight Corp)[1] was a Tudor troop in the Hundred-Year War, led by the General Adon Coborlwitz.[1] They were defeated by the Band of the Falcon.[3]


The Blue Whale Knights were a heavy force of cavalry, thus all of their battlefield units were mounted. Their horses all wore plate barding.[1] In the anime, they also wore blue trappers beneath their plate. As their name suggested, their armour was seemingly aquatic in nature, with (in the anime) blued plate in the gothic style of real-life 15th century Germany or (in the manga) plain 17th-18th century armour alike to that worn by Spanish conquerors, while others were shown to have almost no armour. Most wore helmets in the shape of the open mouths of fish, or whales given the style of bars over their faces that resemble baleen. In both anime and manga, neither of them were shown to wear maille beneath their plate.[1] In the anime, they were all shown to carry metal lances. In the manga, they were shown to carry various weapons, from halberds to axes to spears.[1]


The Blue Whale Knights fight the Band of the Falcon at a given point. Guts and Casca fall down a cliff as the battle takes place[1] Several members scout the place in hopes of getting the bounty announced by their leader, Adon, to whoever brings him both mercenaries, dead or alive. As the sun sets, the Falcon members are surrounded by a mercenary troop[4][5] led by Adon himself.[6] Guts and Casca are able to maneuver themselves back to each other, and Adon calls his brother Samson, his second-in-command, to fight. Guts shields Casca and tells that he took the blow so that she could return to Griffith. Then, Guts cleaves Samson's head in two.[2]

Within Doldrey, Adon, who played dead when some Band of the Falcon members came to rescue Guts after the fight, meets with the Holy Purple Rhino Knights' leader, General Boscogn. Boscogn punishes Adon for returning in disgrace by revoking his status as commander.[4] Despite having been degraded, Adon commands his knights -after having seen their numbers reduced in the previous battle against the Band of the Falcon- within Doldrey against Casca's platoon, which had successfully infiltrated the fortress.[5] During the duel between Adon and Casca, it is revealed that they were stationed within Doldrey because of Adon.[5] Once Casca kills Adon, she orders the soldiers who watched their battle to rout the Knights, effectively taking the fortress.[3]





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