Blast of the Astral World

The Blast of the Astral World in progress.

"One twice reincarnated and a sword stroke which reaches still deeper into the Spirit World have opened the door."
– Femto, before triggering the blast[1]

The Blast of the Astral World is an event which brings about the merging of the Physical World and Astral World into one – the global Interstice of Fantasia. Consequently, an influx of astral creatures enter the world of man, leaving Griffith's capital city of Falconia the sole safe haven from malign creatures of myth.

Story Edit


With the Skull Knight's sword stroke, Femto is able to split open Ganishka's body and trigger the blast.

Humiliated by Griffith during the Kushan assault on Vritannis, a vexed Ganishka descends into the Man-Made Beherit and reincarnates a second time,[2] transcending apostlehood and becoming a near-mindless, sky-scraping eldritch abomination.[3] While the Band of the Falcon combats Ganishka's spawn, Griffith and Zodd ascend towards the emperor's head, where Griffith approaches Ganishka directly in his God Hand form Femto. As Femto reaches out to touch Ganishka, he is ambushed by the Skull Knight, who attacks him with the Sword of Actuation. However, Femto, having anticipated the Skull Knight's appearance, distorts the space around him to grab the astral tear from the sword stroke and redirect it towards Ganishka.[1] As the sword stroke tears Ganishka's twice reincarnated form, a large astral fissure opens from which the Astral World spills out into the Physical World.[4]

The blast is felt worldwide as an otherworldly wind sweeps across the Physical World. Following the blast, the World Spiral Tree appears in Ganishka's place and Griffith's capital city of Falconia miraculously springs to life at the foot of the great tree, atop the land where Wyndham once sat.[5] Humans begin to flock to the city, seeking refuge from the malign astral creatures prowling the new world of Fantasia.[6]

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