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The Black Ram Iron Lance Knights (or the Black Ram Iron Lance Heavy Cavalry)(黒羊鉄槍重装騎兵団) were a Tudor army. They fought against the troops of Midland, until they were overwhelmed by the arrival of Band of the Falcon.[1]


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Golden Age Arc[]

After Tudor archers fire a swarm of arrows at Midland soldiers, the Black Ram Iron Lance Heavy Cavalry, with their leader at the forefront, charge onto the battlefield, killing many Midland soldiers. After they have killed a number of Midland troops, they notice Guts joining the battle. They then charge toward him. The leader clashes swords with Guts, who meets his attack, making him pull back his weapon. Guts then quickly kills him in one trike and then starts to kill the remaining members of the unit. As one of these knights, overseeing the battle, notices that his comrades are being taken down, he sees the Band of the Falcon and some other soldiers arriving as reinforcements for Midland. As the mercenaries of the Band of Falcon join the fight, they start to take out members of Black Ram Iron Lance Heavy Cavalry. Those among that group who survive the onslaught flee the battle.[1]


  • Gien (leader, films)




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