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The Black Dog Knights were a band of criminals and rapists enlisted five years prior to Griffith's rescue mission by the King of Midland to fight in the Hundred-Year War. Led by Wyald, their ruthless behavior against civilians resulted in them being banished to a remote region of Midland.[1] Their motto was "Enjoyment and Excitement".[2]

Appearance Edit

Most of the members were ugly and fierce looking thugs. They dressed in armor much like Wyald's, with fur and skins interspersed with metal plates. None were very notable except Wyald himself.[3]

Abilities Edit

Despite being considered on equal footing compared to the Band of the Falcon in terms of valor,[1] the Black Dog Knights lacked military competence or strategy, having only their sheer strength, cruelty, barbarism, and fear of Wyald to push them in battle. They were easily destroyed by the Band of the Falcon with what little they had, but not before burning and pillaging a cottage, raping its women, and staking the inhabitants.[3]

Story Edit

During Midland's Hundred-Year War with Tudor, the King enlisted able-bodied prisoners to be drafted so as to compensate for the shortage of soldiers. A monstrous man named Wyald, later revealed to be an apostle, volunteered for service and won the right to lead the army of criminals after killing his only competition, Barbo. The newly formed Black Dog Knights soon gained an infamous reputation for being the most cruel and barbarous army in all of Midland, committing numerous atrocities under Wyald's command before the King sent them to remote battlefields.[1]

When the Band of the Falcon rescued Griffith and defeated the Bakiraka, the King sent a messenger to the Black Dog Knights to kill the Band for him.[4] Though motivated by fear and terror, most of the Black Dog Knights were utterly destroyed by the Band of the Falcon in multiple ambushes[3] [2] with the few that remained killed by Wyald,[5] who is later mortally wounded by Guts[6] and then finally killed by Zodd.[7]

Members Edit

  • Wyald (Leader)[1]
  • Ex-condemned criminals from Midland[1]

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