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The Band of the Falcon[1] is a mercenary group founded by the White Falcon Griffith. They play a crucial role in several battles during the Hundred-Year War, most notably in retaking the Tudor-held fortress of Doldrey for Midland, thus ending the century-long conflict.[2] For their efforts, the band is elevated as the White Phoenix Knights and its commanders are granted nobility.[3]

After Guts departs from the band and Griffith, in a moment of weakness, sleeps with Princess Charlotte,[4] the mercenary leader is captured and tortured under the orders of the king of Midland. The band members are then rounded up and pursued by Midland's army.[5]

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Manga E303 Skull Knight Ambushes Femto

The Skull Knight prepares to strike Femto with his Sword of Beherits.

Berserk, volume 34, "Backlighting"


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