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Fantasia Arc

Tracking Berserk's latest storyline

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Berserk: The Anime

Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc, coming to Crunchyroll!

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Berserk Musou

Latest Berserk game for PS4/PS3!

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Discover the history of Berserk's world

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Manga E344 Elfhelm Storm of Blossoms.png

Elfhelm (妖精郷エルフヘルム; literally "Fairy Hometown") is the home of the elves, a paradisaical kingdom located on the island of Skellig in the Western Sea. Like Flora's spirit tree mansion, it lay in an interstice before the Great Roar of the Astral World.[1] Many sorcerers and witches reside in a hamlet within the domain's border, living alongside the elves and their ruler, the Flower Storm Monarch, with a variety of other mystical creatures.

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A sketch of Guts and Griffith by Kentarou Miura to commemorate the completion of Berserk Musou. (2016-10-10)


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24 December 2021
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Berserk volume 41 published! (JA edition · BUY NOW)

The English edition of Berserk volume 41 will be published by Dark Horse in Summer 2022. (source)

10 September 2021
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Episode 364 "Tear of Morning Dew" published!

23 June 2017
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Episode 24 "City of Humans" released!

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  • ... that the Band of the Falcon, very briefly, was beknighted as Midland's White Phoenix Knights?
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  1. ^ Berserk, Volume 27, "Sound of Waves"