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The Berserk Trading Card Game is the official Berserk card game based on the manga series by Kentarou Miura. Published by the company Konami from 2003 to 2005, 5 sets, known as "volumes", were released before the game was discontinued. The first volume contains 160 cards, the second and third contain 64 each, and the fourth and fifth contain 80 each (not including the parallel variants or the secret, art, and illustration cards from each volume). In addition, the first volume's starter box contains 5 city cards.

The emblem in the top right corner of each card indicates its rarity: cards with a bronze emblem are categorized as common, cards with a silver emblem as uncommon, cards with a gold emblem as rare, and cards with a red emblem as super rare. Promotional prize cards are emblazoned with a taupe emblem and marked "not for sale". Promotional cards were given for member registration, tournament participation, tournament prizes, and as box toppers (for volumes 4 & 5), as well as one particular card that was packaged with an issue of Young Animal magazine. Every rare, super rare, and secret full art card has a holographic variant known as a parallel card. In addition, gold rimmed variants were released with every Guts and Griffith figure sold from ToysRUs stores in Japan for a limited time.

The cards' illustrations consist of original paintings by Miura, colored manga panels, and original art from Konami.

How To Play[]

Two players use personalized decks of cards to battle for control of a small deck of shared cards called Areas. The goal of the game is to occupy the Royal Capital and at least two Local City area cards. A player can also lose by running out of cards to draw from their deck.

To play a card, a player must have first "set" it by putting it face-down on their side of the field, in a chose area's lane. Afterward, the player can "open" that card by flipping it face-up and paying its cost. Gameplay pace is metered by a restriction of only opening one card per turn, so cards can effectively only be used the turn after it was first set. Finding and exploiting opportunities to avoid this restriction is a key strategy of gameplay.

Player Decks consist of only two types of cards: characters and effects. Each deck must contain at least 10 Mercenary named cards and at least 45 cards in total. Besides Mercenary cards, no card may have more than 3 copies present in a deck.

Character cards have some stats that influence their effectiveness in movement and combat, and they typically stay on the field until eliminated. Characters usually have an ability. Some abilities can be activated by the player and others are automatically triggered by a game event. Named characters usually have the Unique trait, which prevents anyone from opening another card with the same name (or card number). The Move character stat decides how many areas at a time a character can move. A character's Range stat influences its priority of dealing attack damage. The Pow(Power)/HP stat functions similarly to Magic: The Gathering creature cards - power is converted to damage points that reduce a character's HP during combat, but damage is removed at the end of each turn.

Effect cards are removed from the field after reading their ability, unless they have the Eternal subtype.

Turns consists of the following phases:

  1. Refresh
  2. Draw
  3. Open
  4. Main During this phase, a player can do the following, in any order, any number of times:
    1. Set a card
    2. Move a character
    3. Attack an area
    4. Use an ability
  5. End Turn

When a character attacks, both players can open one additional card in the attacked area. Then, both players decide which of their characters will participate in battle. If the attacker is the only player with characters remaining alive from the battle, then they capture and therefore occupy that area. A player can still attack an occupied area - in this case, the occupier will be forced to enter all their characters in that area into battle, and if the attacker wins, then they will take the area from the original occupier. This can result in a tug-of-war effect until one player ultimately occupies 3 areas simultaneously (which must include the Royal City).

The full rules can be read in the fan-translated rulebook here.


Note: the cards in this gallery are organized in numerical order, rather than by rarity. Images obtained from this website.

Volume #1[]

Volume #2[]

Volume #3[]

Volume #4[]

Volume #5[]

Member Registration Promotional Cards[]

Competition Prizes[]

Competition Dates[]
03/2004 Vol 1 - no. 9 Vol 1 - no. 64 Vol 1 - no. 117 Vol 1 - no. 159
04/2004 Vol 1 - no. 30 Vol 1 - no. 13 Vol 2 - no. 56
05/2004 Vol 1 - no. 120 Vol 1 - no. 71 Vol 2 - no. 45
06/2004 Vol 1 - no. 53 Vol 1 - no. 99 Vol 2 - no. 28
07/2004 Vol 1 - no. 155 Vol 1 - no. 146 Vol 2 - no. 09
08/2004 Vol 3 - no. 06 Vol 3 - no. 24 Vol 3 - no. 43
09/2004 Vol 1 - no. 119 Vol 3 - no. 27 Vol 3 - no. 50
10/2004 Vol 3 - no. 26 Vol 1 - no. 152 Vol 2 - no. 15
11/2004 Vol 1 - no. 151 Vol 1 - no. 86 Vol 3 - no. 02
12/2004 Vol 3 - no. 15 Vol 4 - no. 40 Vol 4 - no. 49
01/2005 Vol 4 - no. 48 Vol 4 - no. 36 Vol 4 - no. 70
02/2005 Vol 4 - no. 32 Vol 4 - no. 02 Vol 1 - no. 144
03/2005 Vol 1 - no. 137 Vol 1 - no. 15 Vol 4 - no. 43

Box Topper Cards[]

Signed Box Topper Advertisement

Advert showcasing the signed box toppers by Kentaro Miura.

Box toppers were cards given out to people who purchased sealed booster boxes of any of the five sets. Each sealed booster box contained one box topper. For the first 3 sets box toppers were oversized art cards. However, starting in volume 4 and continuing to volume 5, box toppers would be changed to standard sized cards featuring alternative artwork of cards from the standard sets. Box toppers could also be obtained from the starter decks. There were box toppers signed by Kentaro Miura randomly seeded in these products. So far only signed variants of the Vol 1 Box toppers have been seen. Based on information translated from the back of the starter kits these signed box toppers are limited to 50 copies of each art for a total of 200 signed box toppers.

Gacha Parallel Cards[]

Gacha parallels are variant versions of the parallel cards available from the 4th and 5th volumes. These cards were exclusively available in Japanese gacha machines and are the same as the standard set cards, aside from their foil pattern. Gacha parallels feature a ‘glitter’ foil pattern, in contrast to the standard foiling featured on the set cards.



Volume 1
BK1-001	Mercenary	
BK1-002	Bold Siege Squadron	
BK1-003	Moonlight Raiders	
BK1-004	Urgent Dispatch Rider	
BK1-005	Readied Archers	
BK1-006	Forced Rescue Unit	
BK1-007	Cavalry On Alert	
BK1-008	Sword-drawn Cavalry Unit	
BK1-009	Griffith	
BK1-010	Griffith	
BK1-011	Guts	
BK1-012	Guts	
BK1-013	Casca	
BK1-014	Casca	
BK1-015	Judeau	
BK1-016	Judeau	
BK1-017	Corkus	
BK1-018	Corkus	
BK1-019	Pippin	
BK1-020	Pippin	
BK1-021	Rickert	
BK1-022	Rickert	
BK1-023	Promised Bounty	
BK1-024	Foolish Banditry	
BK1-025	Request To Join	
BK1-026	Negotiate By Force	
BK1-027	Brilliant Counterattack	
BK1-028	Solo Raid Operation	
BK1-029	Rear Guard Designation	
BK1-030	Midnight Departure	
BK1-031	Scouting Duty	
BK1-032	Fleeing Sentries	
BK1-033	Critical Rescue	
BK1-034	Volley Shot	
BK1-035	Welcome To The Band	
BK1-036	Early Morning Conversation	
BK1-037	Sobering Quarrel	
BK1-038	Declaration Of Ambition	
BK1-039	Promotion To Captain	
BK1-040	Spring Into Battle	
BK1-041	Mercenary	
BK1-042	Golem	
BK1-043	Golem	
BK1-044	Guts	
BK1-045	Guts	
BK1-046	Guts	
BK1-047	Casca	
BK1-048	Casca	
BK1-049	Farnese	
BK1-050	Farnese	
BK1-051	Serpico	
BK1-052	Serpico	
BK1-053	Schierke	
BK1-054	Schierke	
BK1-055	Isidro	
BK1-056	Isidro	
BK1-057	Puck	
BK1-058	Flora	
BK1-059	Steady Advance	
BK1-060	Forced Breakthrough	
BK1-061	Reunion On The Hill Of Swords	
BK1-062	Goal Of The Swordsman	
BK1-063	Confrontation On The Hill Of Swords	
BK1-064	I Will Never Lose You	
BK1-065	A Sword For Protection	
BK1-066	Lost Time	
BK1-067	Sustenance Of Hate	
BK1-068	Compensation For The Porter	
BK1-069	Reunion In The Wilderness	
BK1-070	Demonstration Of An Apology	
BK1-071	Magical Barrier	
BK1-072	Fire Elemental Projection	
BK1-073	Fated Encounter	
BK1-074	House Of The Wood Spirits	
BK1-075	Magical Research	
BK1-076	Sylph Sword	
BK1-077	Sylph Hood	
BK1-078	Fetish For Telepathy	
BK1-079	Camp Survey	
BK1-080	Strength Of The Bond	
BK1-081	Mercenary	
BK1-082	Disgusting Fiend	
BK1-083	Writhing Fiend	
BK1-084	Forest Ghost	
BK1-085	Creeping Nightmare	
BK1-086	Will-'o-the-wisp	
BK1-087	Insect Elf	
BK1-088	Insect Elf	
BK1-089	Forest Guardian	
BK1-090	Forest Guardian	
BK1-091	Snowman	
BK1-092	Possessing Fiend	
BK1-093	Troll	
BK1-094	Troll	
BK1-095	Ogre	
BK1-096	Ogre	
BK1-097	Kelpie	
BK1-098	Kelpie	
BK1-099	Evil Spirits Of The Wild 	
BK1-100	Evil Spirits Of The Wild	
BK1-101	Rosine	
BK1-102	Rosine	
BK1-103	Demon Interception	
BK1-104	Deceased Sun	
BK1-105	A Crimson Lake Appears	
BK1-106	Flight Of The Insect Elves	
BK1-107	Peekaf's Fairy Tale	
BK1-108	Innocent Taunt	
BK1-109	Scolding	
BK1-110	Instant Contact	
BK1-111	Withdrawal Order	
BK1-112	Guardian Deployment	
BK1-113	Valley Of Mist	
BK1-114	Landscape Of Paradise	
BK1-115	Hatchery	
BK1-116	Forest In The Dream	
BK1-117	Curtain Of Night	
BK1-118	Kidnapped	
BK1-119	Swarm Raid	
BK1-120	Profaned Being	
BK1-121	Mercenary	
BK1-122	Charging Infantry Squad	
BK1-123	Invading Cavalry	
BK1-124	Prowling Archers	
BK1-125	Pursuing Cavalry	
BK1-126	Raging Beast Soldiers	
BK1-127	Beast Soldiers Of The Dark	
BK1-128	Griffith	
BK1-129	Griffith	
BK1-130	Griffith	
BK1-131	Zodd	
BK1-132	Zodd	
BK1-133	Grunbeld	
BK1-134	Grunbeld	
BK1-135	Locus	
BK1-136	Locus	
BK1-137	Irvine	
BK1-138	Irvine	
BK1-139	Rakshas	
BK1-140	Rakshas	
BK1-141	Sonia	
BK1-142	Sonia	
BK1-143	Revelation Of The Hawk Of Light	
BK1-144	Preface To Reunion	
BK1-145	Hill Of Swords	
BK1-146	Affirmation Of Freedom	
BK1-147	Sudden Interception	
BK1-148	Even Match	
BK1-149	Blood That Should Be Frozen	
BK1-150	Demonic Transformation	
BK1-151	Rescue From Falling Rocks	
BK1-152	Mind Flight	
BK1-153	Precision Strike	
BK1-154	Strafing Evasion	
BK1-155	War Cry In The Wind	
BK1-156	Operation Liberation	
BK1-157	What The Messenger Saw	
BK1-158	Legendary Mobilization	
BK1-159	Preposterous Story	
BK1-160	New Wings	
Volume 2
BK2-001	Mercenary	
BK2-002	Griffith
BK2-003	Guts	
BK2-004	Casca	
BK2-005	Judeau
BK2-006	Corkus	
BK2-007	Pippin
BK2-008	Rickert
BK2-009	Lone Horseman Charge	
BK2-010	Death God's Assault	
BK2-011	Moment of Fulfillment	
BK2-012	The Star of Victory	
BK2-013	Faithful Followers
BK2-014	Protested Mission	
BK2-015	Courtship Failure	
BK2-016	Knighting Ceremony
BK2-017	Mercenary	
BK2-018	Guts	
BK2-019	Casca	
BK2-020	Farnese	
BK2-021	Serpico	
BK2-022	Schierke	
BK2-023	Isidro
BK2-024	3 Days Without Sun
BK2-025	Encounter with an Elf
BK2-026	Outcome of Misconception
BK2-027	Delivery at Dawn
BK2-028	Peaceful Respite
BK2-029	Tactical Decoy
BK2-030	Wholesale Destruction
BK2-031	Coca Leaves
BK2-032	Unthinkable Ally	
BK2-033	Mercenary
BK2-034	Insect Swarm
BK2-035	Ogre	
BK2-036	Kelpie
BK2-037	Boss Troll
BK2-038	Zodd	
BK2-039	Rosine
BK2-040	Rosine
BK2-041	Slan
BK2-042	Zodd's Entrance	
BK2-043	Prophecy of Death	
BK2-044	Creeping Shadow	
BK2-045	Swift Counter	
BK2-046	A Dream of Peace	
BK2-047	Power of One's Death	
BK2-048	Overrunning Territory	
BK2-049	Mercenary	
BK2-050	Griffith	
BK2-051	Zodd	
BK2-052	Grunbeld	
BK2-053	Locus	
BK2-054	Irvine	
BK2-055	Rakshas	
BK2-056	Sonia	
BK2-057	Mule	
BK2-058	World's Rift	
BK2-059	Zodd's Onslaught	
BK2-060	Second Coming of Heroes
BK2-061	Pointed Arrow Battle Formation	
BK2-062	Farewell	
BK2-063	Blade Oath
BK2-064 Mythical Domain
Volume 3
BK3-001	Mercenary	
BK3-002	Solid Supply Unit
BK3-003	Unfortunate Guard	
BK3-004	Griffith	
BK3-005	Guts
BK3-006	Casca	
BK3-007	Judeau
BK3-008	Corkus
BK3-009	Pippin
BK3-010	Rickert
BK3-011	The View from on High
BK3-012	Audience with the Minister
BK3-013	Blade's Master and Servant
BK3-014	Scheming Consultation
BK3-015	Determination of the Sword	
BK3-016	Quiet Evening
BK3-017	Mercenary	
BK3-018	Guts	
BK3-019	Casca	
BK3-020	Farnese	
BK3-021	Serpico	
BK3-022	Schierke	
BK3-023	Isidro
BK3-024	Puck
BK3-025	Skull Knight
BK3-026	Atonement 
BK3-027	Dark Magic
BK3-028	Fighting Chance
BK3-029	Return Blow
BK3-030	Sword of Actuation
BK3-031	Light of Hope
BK3-032	Master and Pupil
BK3-033	Mercenary
BK3-034	Crocodile Man
BK3-035	Pishacha Soldier	
BK3-036	Daka
BK3-037	Daka
BK3-038	Ganishka
BK3-039	Silat
BK3-040	Tapasa
BK3-041	Fetal Surrounding
BK3-042	The Demon City Revealed	
BK3-043	City Demonization
BK3-044	Blasphemous Proclamation
BK3-045	Daka Factory
BK3-046	Demon Feast
BK3-047	Might of the Demon God	
BK3-048	Lightning Strike
BK3-049	Mercenary	
BK3-050	Kushan Allegiance 	
BK3-051	Unnerving Demon Army	
BK3-052	Demon Army Lancer	
BK3-053	Griffith	
BK3-054	Zodd	
BK3-055	Grunbeld	
BK3-056	Locus	
BK3-057	Irvine	
BK3-058	Rakshas
BK3-059	Borkoff
BK3-060	Charlotte
BK3-061	Storming Entry
BK3-062	Window of Salvation	
BK3-063	Moonlit Truth
BK3-064    Reclaim the Princess
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While not a part of the trading card game proper, Berserk cards have also been released by Hakusensha in the form of telephone cards and gift cards. Additionally, Berserk Quo cards (prepaid cards worth a specific yen value) have been distributed to coincide with the release of Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō, and Berserk and the Band of the Hawk in Japan.