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Berserk Original Soundtrack (ベルセルク Original Soundtrack?) is the second overall 1997 Anime related CD released and the only original soundtrack released for the anime. Every track included on the CD is composed by Susumu Hirasawa, with the opening song composed by PENPALS and the ending song composed by Silver Fins.

Release Date[]

  • November 6, 1997

Track list[]

01 Beherit BEHELIT 1:56
02 Ghosts GHOSTS 1:42
03 Ball BALL 1:09
04 Guts GATS 3:36
05 Murder MURDER 9:30
06 Fear FEAR 3:27
07 Monster MONSTER 4:05
08 Earth EARTH 4:24
09 Berserk -Forces- (TV Version) ベルセルク -FORCES- (TV VERSION) 1:57
10 Tell Me Why (TV Version) TELL ME WHY (TV VERSION) 1:16
11 Waiting So Long (TV Version) WAITING SO LONG (TV VERSION) 1:23