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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc - Memorial Edition is an adaptation to series format of the three anime films comprising Berserk: The Golden Age Arc produced by Studio 4°C. It was announced on 21 June 2022 and began broadcasting on 2 October of the same year. On 11 December of the same year, a Blu-ray edition was announced and later released on 29 March 2023. That edition includes all 13 uncensored episodes, as well as the opening and closing sequences without credits. It also includes bonus material such as the Great Berserk Exhibition interview with Kentarou Miura.


  1. "The Golden Age"
  2. "Nosferatu Zodd'
  3. "Master of the Sword"
  4. "Prepared for Death"
  5. "Campfire of Dreams"
  6. "The Battle for Doldrey"
  7. "One Snowy Night"
  8. "Demise of a Dream"
  9. "Wounds"
  10. "Reunion in the Abyss"
  11. "The Eclipse"
  12. "Storm of Death"
  13. "Vow of Retaliation"

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