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Berserk Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War Original Game Soundtrack​ (ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 魔戦記の章~ Original Game Soundtrack) was released on November 25, 2004 in Japan by Video and Audio Project/VAP and ULF Records. As its name suggests, it's the companion soundtrack to the Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō video game. Susumu Hirasawa, who did the music for the anime, composed Sign as the opening movie theme, and also made a remix of it for the end theme entitled Sign-2. Both tracks were produced by Chaos Union. However, the majority of the game's soundtrack was created by other composers; namely, Shinya Chikamori, Hiroshi Watanabe, Yasushi Hasegawa and Tomoyo Nishimoto. All of them are Sound Ams produced artists.

Track list[]

Track Name Artist Note Time
01 Sign Susumu Hirasawa Opening movie theme 4:10
02 All beginnings 1:15
03 Theme 1:15
04 Riot 3:10
05 Cold Snow 2:29
06 Beast Fight with Zodd. 2:46
07 Falcon Soldiers 3:14
08 Funny March 0:57
09 Dusky Battlefield 1:55
10 Spiritual Woods 2:12
11 The Frightened Village 3:12
12 Great Numbers Attack 2:45
13 Stormy Area 2:05
14 Brute Den 2:32
15 Unidentified Enemy 3:14
16 The Nightmare 3:19
17 Sad Flame 2:03
18 Samurai 3:31
19 Enmity By Apostles 2:54
20 Absolute 3:28
21 Martial Law 3:22
22 Sign-2 Susumu Hirasawa Ending theme, ballad remix of Sign 3:45

Total length: 60:00