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Berserk: Millennium Falcon Arc - Holy Evil War Chapter is the second video game based on the manga Berserk, focusing in the events of the Millennium Falcon Arc. It was released by Sega-Sammy in Japan on the PlayStation 2 on 7 October 2004. Sammy has licensed it to YBM-Sisa for a Korean version which was made available at the same time.

Its predecessor, Berserk: Millennium Falcon Arc - Flowers of Oblivion Chapter, was released on Dreamcast by ASCII in 1999. Both video games were created by the Japanese developer Yuke's Media Creations.


Berserk Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō Gameplay

The game's story covers part of the Millennium Falcon Arc from the Berserk volumes 22 to 27. With its more detailed polygonal models, it is visually superior to its five years' predecessor on Sega Dreamcast. The maps are much larger than in the first game. Motion capture was used for added realism in character movements. Voice dubbing was made with the original anime cast.


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Two different releases were made in Japan, a collector "Branded Box Limited Edition" special package including a Guts action figure created by the famous Japanese manufacturer Art of War, and the cheaper, regular "Standard Edition". In Republic of Korea, the Korean subtitled standard edition was bundled with the action figure in small quantities, only offered to preordering customers. The Korean and Japanese versions were both released the same day. The game also has a Berserk PS2 Soundtrack.

English Translation[]

Though the game was never released in the US, a group called Transgen were working on an English translation patch; however, no further information was ever released.

An Italian group worked on a translated version of the game in both English and Italian. However, notable gameplay errors have been experienced by players while using the patch on emulators. That said, at least one user of said patch played through the entire game using PCSX2 and encountered no problems whatsoever.


Cast Voice Actor
Guts Nobutoshi Canna
Puck Yuriko Fuchizaki
Casca Yūko Miyamura
Isidro Hiroyuki Yoshino
Farnese Yūko Gotō
Serpico Takahiro Mizushima
Schierke Yukana
Ivalera Yukari Tamura
Flora Sumi Shimamoto
Skull Knight Tsutomu Isobe
Griffith Toshiyuki Morikawa
Zodd Kenji Utsumi
Grunbeld Tesshō Genda
Judeau Akira Ishida
Corkus Tomohiro Nishimura
Pippin Masuo Amada
Void Unshō Ishizuka
Slan Atsuko Tanaka
Ubik Chafurin
Charles Megumi Toyoguchi
Morgan Masaru Motegi

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