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Bazuso Manga

Bazuso Movie





Also known as

The Grey Knight


Episode K0
Golden Age (3)


(1997 Anime)
Episode 2
Band of the Hawk


Golden Age Arc I
Egg of the Supreme Ruler

Japanese voice

Ikuya Sawaki (1997 Anime)
Kendo Kobayashi (Films)

English voice

Patrick Cass Tansor (1997 Anime)
Russell Nash (Films)







Bazuso (バズーソ Bazūso?) the "Grey Knight" was a widely known and feared mercenary, being one of the earliest adversaries faced by a young Guts. He was the reason that Griffith took notice in the swordsman.


Bazuso is exaggerated in stature, and stands much taller than other men. Although he is killed before he can be seen without his armor, it can be inferred that his physique is very muscular due to the excessive size of his weapon, as well as the incredible size and weight of his armor.


Bazuso is a violent and brash man. He is greatly arrogant and seemingly views himself as superior to his foes, taunting those reluctant to attack him and loudly goading his enemies right in front of him. He bears an insatiable drive for combat and possesses incredible physical strength, which allows him to easily slay any that challenge him. However, after Guts emerges as the victor of their duel and mortally wounds Bazuso, he attempts to yield before Guts finishes him off.

Abilities and Skills

Bazuso's strength and fighting ability became infamous throughout the battlefield. It is said that he once successfully took on over thirty men in combat, earning him the moniker of "Thirty-Man Slayer", and that he defeated a bear by himself, both of which are testaments to his incredible physical strength. Bazuso is strong enough to send men flying with a single swing of his battleaxe, even when using just one arm.


Bazuso wields a large battleaxe during his fight against Guts. Due to his fearsome reputation, one can assume that he is very skilled in wielding it. Furthermore, the size of the battleaxe compliments Bazuso's height, giving him a wide reach in combat.


Golden Age Arc


Bazuso mortally wounded

Placed in charge of a fortress under siege by a band of mercenaries, Bazuso leaves the group frozen in fear on sight, intimidated by the immense reputation of the battleaxe wielding man. As Bazuso taunts his enemies, Guts, a young independent mercenary, puts himself forward to remedy the problem; he tells his employer that he will kill Bazuso in exchange for seven pieces of gold. Though Bazuso intends to humor Guts in accepting his duel, expecting to kill the young swordsman with little effort, the ensuing battle is fought on equal terms. After an exchange of blows, Guts is fortunate enough to be able to damage Bazuso's battleaxe and deliver a powerful slash to his waist, forcing the colossal man to his knees. In his final moments, Bazuso attempts to yield for his life; Guts quickly drives his sword down into the neutralized man's head, splitting it half-way, one of Bazuso's eyes dislodged from the impact. It is Guts' triumph over Bazuso that earns him the attention of the Band of the Hawk, and more specifically, Griffith.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Bazuso appears as a boss in the 2016 game Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Bazuso is the first boss of the game, appearing in the first chapter, "The Golden Age". Though he has much higher health than enemies before him and packs high knockback, there is predictably nothing overtly challenging about him.

Bazuso also appears in the Endless Eclipse. He can appear as both ally and boss, and does both in the minigame's first mission.


  • The appearance of his helmet, weapon, and armor differs between the manga, 1997 anime, and film trilogy.
  • The video game series Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki attributes the inspiration of the character "Siegmeyer of Catarina" to Bazuso.


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