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Bazuso (バズーソ Bazūso?), nicknamed the "Grey Knight", was a warrior with a fearsome reputation. He was one of the earliest adversaries faced by a young Guts.[1]


Standing tall and posessing a stout frame, Bazuso wore a large and heavy suit of plate armor with pauldrons and a helmet containing only two holes for his eyes. Although he was killed before he could be seen without his armor, it can be inferred that his physique allowed him to wield the excessive size of his weapon, as well as the large size of his armor.[1]


Bazuso was a brash man, taunting those reluctant to attack him and loudly goading his enemies right in front of him. However, after Guts emerged as the victor of their duel and mortally wounded Bazuso, he attempted to tell Guts to stop before the young mercenary finished him off.[1]

Abilities and Skills[]

Bazuso's strength and fighting ability became infamous throughout the battlefield. It is said that he once successfully took on over thirty men in combat, earning him the moniker of "Thirty-Man Slayer", and that he defeated a bear by himself. Bazuso was strong enough to send men flying with a single swing of his battleaxe, even when using just one arm.[1]


Bazuso wielded a large battleaxe during his fight against Guts. Furthermore, the size of the battleaxe complimented Bazuso's height, giving him a wide reach in combat.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]


Bazuso mortally wounded.

Placed as a general in a fortress under siege, Bazuso is first seen killing several mercenaries as the knight leader promises to offer any given reward to whoever brings him Bazuso's head. As the mercenaries comment on Bazuso's feats, Guts, a young independent mercenary, puts himself forward to remedy the problem; after some bartering, he tells the knight that he will kill Bazuso in exchange for seven pieces of gold. Though Bazuso intends to humor Guts in accepting his duel, expecting to kill the young swordsman with little effort, the ensuing battle is fought on equal terms. After an exchange of blows, Guts is fortunate enough to be able to damage Bazuso's battleaxe and deliver a powerful slash to his waist, forcing the colossal man to his knees. In his final moments, though Bazuso asks Guts to wait, Guts quickly drives his sword down into the neutralized man's head, splitting it half-way, one of Bazuso's eyes dislodged from the impact.[1]

A day later, Corkus laments that Bazuso was killed by Guts, as he wanted to eventually slay him and become famous.[2] When Guts wakes up after his skirmish against several Band of the Falcon members, Griffith comments on Guts' luck and impetus during his fight against Bazuso.[3]


  • In the videogame Berserk Musou, in missions where he's an ally, Bazuso will thank his rescuer if they answer his calls for help and he'll remark his "Thirty-Man Slayer" nickname has lost much of its meaning if the player character gets 1000 kills on the battlefield.
  • The appearance of his helmet, weapon, and armor differs between the manga, 1997 anime, and film trilogy.
  • The video game series Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki attributes the inspiration of the character Siegmeyer of Catarina to Bazuso.


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