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Barbo was a notorious criminal in Midland, renowned as the "Armor Hacker."

Appearance Edit

Looking at Wyald, Barbo appeared to be well over seven feet tall by comparison. He wore only pants and was very large and somewhat muscular. His mouth was wide and his lips large, and one eye was missing, while the other one stared wide open. His forehead was extremely distended, and he was said by Wyald, who was certainly not handsome in his own right, to look like an octopus.

Personality Edit

Barbo was a notorious criminal, and was known as the "Armor Hacker". Despite clearly being very strong, his mind seemed very simple--when Wyald mentioned "charisma", Barbo could not even pronounce the word. He was arrogant and believed himself the strongest of the criminals, and thus more deserving of the position of their leader than Wyald.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit


Barbo killed off.

The King of Midland recalls that extra military troops were desperately needed, and so an effort was underway to round up the nation's most terrible criminals and see if a fighting force could be made of them. Wyald steps forward, requesting the position of leader, as he claims to be the strongest. Immediately, Barbo steps forward to challenge that claim and belittles Wyald as a "monkey". Barbo suggests fighting for the title, and the King allows this. Barbo is handed a heavy mace, but Wyald denies the armor and sword handed to him. Barbo charges forward, the cause of his death not seen, and ends up being impaled on the top of a tower, with Wyald commenting the corpse's placement as a statue in the King's honor.

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