Axe of Gnomes
Axe of the Gnomes



Nōmu no ono


Chapter 203



The Axe of the Gnomes (ノームの斧 Nōmu no ono?) is one of the magical items bestowed by Flora and Schierke to Guts and his team to help Schierke in her fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village, however it is refused and thus not taken with them on their journey, unlike Casca and Farnese's Silver Surcoats, Farnese's Silver Dagger, Serpico's Sylph Cloak and Sylph Sword, and Isidro's Salamander Dagger.

Appearance Edit

The axe is not seen for long or in much detail, as it is never used. It is a rather short pole with a ribbed handle and tapering tip, with a simple pair of axe blades at the end. Several runes adorn the end of the axe. Using the other weapons as a reference, it may be approximately three to four feet in its entire length.

Abilities Edit

The Axe of the Gnomes - a heavy, sharp two-handed battle axe - was originally intended for Guts to use. As evidenced by Isidro, it is a weapon just too heavy to be carried around by an average individual, not even dragged by a mere child. Imbued with strong earth magic, Schierke thinks it to be the perfect fit for Guts' build and fighting prowess. However, the Black Swordsman refuses to leave his trusty Dragon Slayer, a more familiar weapon that has already helped him defeat many evil spirits and Apostles. Acknowledging that the Dragon Slayer, used on thousands of demonic beings, now shares some astral properties with his branded owner, Flora keeps the axe in the armory, never to be seen or mentioned again.

Presumably, as gnomes are usually connoted with the earth, it may have granted Guts earth-shaking powers or enhanced strength.

Story Edit

At first, Schierke believes the Axe of the Gnomes to be a perfect weapon for Guts. However, it is refused by him, and thus it never leaves Flora's home. It is seemingly destroyed when Griffith orders the reborn Band of the Falcon to burn Flora's mansion to the ground.

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