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The Axe of the Gnomes (ノームの斧 Nōmu no ono?) is one of the magical items borrowed by Schierke from Flora to Guts and his team to help Schierke in her fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village. However it is refused and thus not taken with them on their journey.[1]


The two-handed axe is comprised of a rather short pole with a ribbed handle and tapering tip, with a simple pair of axe blades at the end. Several runes and the alchemical symbol of earth adorn the end of the axe.[1]


Schierke offers this weapon to Guts. However, it is refused by him and thus it never leaves Flora's home. As evidenced by Isidro and Schierke herself, it is a weapon just too heavy to be carried around by a child. However, the Black Swordsman prefers to take his Dragon Slayer into battle, as it's more familiar weapon that has already helped him defeat many evil spirits and apostles. As Guts turns to exit the mansion, Schierke senses something odd from the Dragon Slayer.[1] Later on, she notices that the Dragon Slayer has a shadow that coils around it[2], identified by the Skull Knight as "the malice of hundreds, thousands of the dead" and allowing Guts to fight against Astral World beings.[3]

The weapon is not seen or mentioned again.



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