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The Arklow Knights is a group lead by Laban.[1] They helped lead the exodus from Wyndham just before Ganishka destroyed the kingdom.[2]


The group slips into a fog-covered Wyndham in rowboats, where they meet the anti-Kushan resistance. Their talk with one of the members (former minister Foss) in an aqueduct is cut short by the attack of crocodile pishacha. As they try to run away, they are cornered by the appearance of an elephant one. Then, several arrows fall out of the sky, killing the crocodile. The group all look up at a rooftop, where Irvine stands with his bow drawn. The elephant advances on the distracted group, but it, too, is killed by a lance thrown by Locus on horseback, who bids them to remain calm. Locus says that a strong wind will blow soon, which will clear the fog that covers Wyndham. Locus leaves, saying that preparations must be made before the Falcon can storm Wyndham. This news shocks Laban, Foss and the rest of the resistance group.[1]

After discussing the news about the stalemate (regarded as a Kushan defeat) against the Band of the Falcon and Charlotte being alive, having inspired the creation of multiple other resistance groups across Midland, some knights suggest that they undertake a mission to rescue the women currently held captive by the Kushan in the castle. Their plans are interrupted when Foss' daughter, Elize, tells her father that she and the other children had another collective dream about the Falcon of Light which shows that the fog covering Midland will disappear, taking all possessed animals and Kushan soldiers with it. The fog will appear the next morning, meaning that evacuations must be made during the night. The knights are at a loss as to how they will evacuate Wyndham in a single night, but Laban tells them they needn't worry - the sleeping citizens of Wyndham will also have seen the dream and will know to evacuate.[3]

In accordance with the "dream revelation", Laban appears with the Arklow Knights and addresses the masses, telling them to gather in front of Wyndham's cathedral in preparation for an evacuation of the city and to inform their neighbors. The Arklow Knights are surprised to see that the people are not panicking as they feared they would. Laban orders the Knights be split into two groups - one to oversee the evacuation, another to accompany him to Wyndham Castle. Upon entering the castle, they find that all that remains of the Kushan guards are their empty clothes and discarded weapons strewn about. Eventually, Laban and his men come across huge barred windows that have been stuffed with white gowns. Laban opens the door and finds the imprisoned (and naked) women within. Laban announces that he and his Arklow Knights have come to rescue them. A girl exclaims that their being saved by the Arklow Knights mirrors the visions they had in their dream during the night. From this, Laban figures out that it was the women who stuffed the windows shut to prevent the fog from touching them. The Knights split up to unlock the other cells of the castle's prison, releasing hundreds of prisoners. Upon seeing the abandoned Kushan uniforms on the ground, Laban comes up with a solution and explains that everyone will use them to walk unnoticed directly through the Kushan army.[2]

After the emergence of Shiva, the knights are tasked by Griffith to protect the pontiff as well as the citizens of Wyndham[4][5]. Later on, they witness the beginning of Fantasia.[6]



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