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Aria is the opening theme for the Berserk Golden Age film trilogy and is performed by Susumu Hirasawa. The single was released on February 4th 2012.


The opening begins with a set of flickering flames emerging from the bottom of the screen, which is entirely pitch black. The Crimson Beherit then swings from side to side, a larger projection of the fetish swinging concurrently in the background. Both the flames and Beherit fade to make way for the title; the font, too, flickers as if composed of fire. Subsequently, the title is covered in shadow and overtaken by an image of the Brand of Sacrifice. An upward panning shot of the Dragon Slayer shown from the tip to the grip is underlaid behind the burning brand, and two profile shots of Guts — one with eyes closed, the other with one eye open — flash by in quick succession. Finishing the introductory sequence, Puck flies toward the camera, paving the way for the opening credits.

Track list[]

  1. Aria - Single
  2. Aria - (Karaoke)



  • Susumu Hirasawa said in an interview that the song isn't in any specific language because "he didn't want to disrupt the listener's image of Berserk but rather more of the "language" of the Berserk". So he created the song's nonsensical lyrics with influence from different languages and sounds.

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