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Anna is the faithful and loyal servant of Charlotte.


In the manga, Anna has blonde hair, which is tied up in a bun at all times. She is depicted as a young woman. She wears a traditional servant girl's garb, including dress and a small cloak that covers her shoulders. In the anime, she has the same hairstyle and clothing, however, with brown hair.

Anna Anime

Anna telling Charlotte about Adonis and Julius' demise.


She cares very deeply for the princess and has an overly worried almost mother-like personality toward her. She is one of the few people that Princess Charlotte allows into her room after the incident with her father.


Golden Age Arc[]

She worked for five years in the palace until she was named servant to the princess. Anna accompanied her during the rescue of Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth and was with her when she woke up from the attack she received while trying to protect Griffith, lying to her about how they had sent more hunters after the Band of the Falcon.

Millennium Falcon Arc[]

After the incarnation of the Falcon and Charlotte's rescue from Wyndham controlled by the Kushan, she travels with the princess and the Pontiff to celebrate the wedding between Charlotte and Griffith.

Fantasia Arc[]

In Falconia, Anna continues to serve Charlotte.