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Saint Albion (聖アルビオン) is a ruined city under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. It is notable for the monastery central to the city known as the Tower of Conviction (断罪の塔).


The Tower of Conviction is tied to the legend of Gaiseric as he imprisoned a sage whose prayers for his punishment at the hands of God were answered. The tower has since become a symbol of judgment by the Holy See as the city of Albion was built around it. For over the millennia, the tower cast a great shadow down on the inhabitants of the city which became a site of daily persecutions with the lower class living in tents outside the city and either dying of torture or from starvation and plague. This gradual built-up of these countless restless spirits made the tower a suitable place to conduct an Incarnation Ceremony.

The preparations began after the God Hand find an agent to make the needed chain of events happen while instilling dreams of White Falcon's coming prior to Conrad starting a plague in Midland that coincided with the Kushan invasion to force a majority of Midlanders to take refugee in the already crowded Albion. This resulted in the city's priesthood being flayed alive by a cult of crazed, drug-addled cannibals who hold orgies in a nearby cave in of their "Fire Goddess," forcing the Holy See to sent their high inquisitor Mozgus to restore order in Albion with Farnese and her Holy Iron Chain Knights to serve under him.

Tower of Conviction as a hand

The Tower of Conviction starting to collapse.

However, when Guts was to find Casca before Mozgus stumbles upon her and perceived her a witch from her Brand of Sacrifice, the inquisitor unknowingly started the incarnation ritual with the restless spirits stirred by Casca and Guts' presence to manifest through blood in the torture chamber and corpses from the mass graves in the city outskirts to consume all life within their grasp. As the spirits partially collapse the tower, Mozgus believed their attack to be Casca's doing and attempted to burn her at the stake before Guts save the girl while killing him. At the same time, after swallowing the Demon Child, the Egg-Shaped Apostle reached the top of the tower and beckoned the spirits to cover the tower while completing the ritual so Griffith could be reconstituted.

Tower of Conviction ruins

The Tower of Conviction no more.

Once the ritual ran its course, the tower completely collapsed; those who still lived and attempted to find refuge while evading the spirits were crushed to death under the debris. Only Guts, Casca, Puck, Farnese, Serpico, Isidro, Jerome, Luca, Nina, Joachim, Azan, and the other girls from Luca's group were able to survive.