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The aide is a top bodyguard for the Minister. He is an anime only character, featured in the first episode of original anime series.


The aide has the appearance of a tall, justified man with a thick beard and black hair. He is always seen wearing a dark brown to light tinted black set of armour, without the helmet.


Little is known of his personality, though he appears to be very loyal to the Minister and the town of Koka. When the Black Swordsman arrives and causes trouble in the tavern, he is the first to ask what the Minister intends to do about the situation, most likely putting Koka's safety before anyone else's. He's also shown to be caring in his final moments, as he watches on when the Minister has been slain by the Snake Baron.


Black Swordsman Arc[]

Minister and Aid

The aide with the Minister.

The aide is shown alongside the Minister when the bartender arrives with news of the Black Swordsman's arrival. Immediately, the aide turns to the Minister and asks him what he intends to do about the situation, to which he responds by ordering a search party to leave no place unchecked in search of the swordsman. The aide stands to salute as he begins the search for Guts, which is ultimately unsuccessful.[1]

Aide's death

Aide as well as the two guards murdered.

He is last seen during the Snake Baron's raid, appearing as confused as everyone else as to what's going on. He yells at the Minister's assumed position and is shocked when he discovers that the Baron had slain him and was displaying him like a trophy on his halberd. Shortly thereafter, the ade and the guards are killed by the Baron.[1]



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